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  1. I'm going with Spider-man, Firestar, Iceman and the Green Goblin. You know just a group of friends that are Amazing.
  2. This is all shades of wrong. Anyway, maybe they could do a Thing and then pack in the Sharon chest piece since that is all that is missing to make her a she-thing. Do we know anything about the poll besides that the Poll will exist?
  3. BWHAHAHA, Also I wish they made this as a variation of Ben.
  4. I would actually think it would be Wolvie, Tony, Hawkeye, Mystique, and/or Emma. Actually, I think the list stops there. Past Namor, Scott, Tony, and Shaw, she wasnt' shown to have slept with anyone else if I recall (And I try to blot Tony Stark's trist from my mind, lol.) And in fact, I wouldnt' say Jean stole Scott from Maddie, since Jean never knew about her in X-Factor #1 when Scott left. There is an entire list out there somewhere. Not trying to slut shame the character but nobody calls my Jeanie a Harlot. I think that the whole Maddy situation looks worse on Scott than anyone else. I mean he did leave his wife and newborn for his dead ex-girlfriend who could have destroyed the universe so maybe it wasn't as bad as we all make it out to be. Claremont hated Scott because of it though. When did Petey sleep with Ms. Marvel? And which Ms. Marvel?
  5. amen. Just because she stole her clone's husband doesn't make her a harlot. They didn't even hook up until Maddy was dead. Besides Emma is the town bicycle. Namor, Scott, Tony Stark, Shaw, the list is going on and on.
  6. I was thinking of Spidey but this Wolverine guy has been everywhere so he might be a better option.
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb too and say, Captain Marvel, Thanos, Iron Man, The Yellow guy from the posters.
  8. Trust me, it is on the long list of offenses I have on him.
  9. That is my biggest issue with Giant Man and why I don't display him ever. He's too small. I really wish that now that time has passed they could revise the Max Mates statues and do him, the Sentinals, and Galactus again. I didn't get the statues then because when they were released I was in school and didn't have the cash. Now, I just refuse to spend 500 bucks on them for a scalper.
  10. Want none. Will buy is another story. My collect them all mentality will get me to buy the whole set but I will probably only buy and open Reaper (Just to fix him) and maybe another Pheonix 5 set just in case they also make Namor/Magik later I can display them together. To be honest this is the biggest whomp whomp set of th year behind the Starnge Tales Box Set for me.
  11. I was thinking the same thing but he looks a little off. That's why I think another version inbetween this piece and the current figures that exist.
  12. I don't agree (obviously) because even though Cap etc are strong they aren't Thor strong. The issue I think is with the two inch scale. Seeing Thor have the same size arms as Wasp is off putting to me. Perhaps he doesn't have to be as bulky as Hulk but maybe an inbetween.
  13. You forgot Harlot. lol Its a given with White Queen. The title just screams Harlot. who doesn't love a harlot anyway. Jean Grey.
  14. Now if only I knew what to do with it... Start here: Where do you buy the paper from? I looked on Lukes and couldn't find it.
  15. I'm all for a Bigger Thor. He's supposed to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk and the Thing. Our Thor looks kinda weak.
  16. That would look really disproportionate. Thor doesn't have a super muscled physique or anything, he's just big all over. Big arms would look really, really off. THose arms look preeeeeettttty big to me. Wolvie's always crouching so that doesn't bother me as much.
  17. If pre-orders for the current assortment warrant it, DST could certainly replace figures with whatever has been approved and is ready for production. I doubt retailers and consumers would have much trouble with having characters that look cooler than Selvig and Darcy (and another Loki, for that matter). That said, one of the reasons I love Minimates is because they offer characters like Darcy at all. I know Loki's a big deal (my daughter's got a huge crush on him) so maybe it's time for DST to consider doing a "Best of" series for Marvel movies. That would allow new collectors to play catch-up on repeat supporting characters while freeing up space in movie assortments for cool, new ones. (Terrible idea, I know. Just spit-ballin'.) I took it from Zach that this is it, game, set, and match. Also they said that they only have the licenses for movies for a year so I don't know how a Best of would work.
  18. Crap... I wish I knew how to do spoilers in the meantime I will vaguely answer that is a question I think Marvel is getting to answer.
  19. Not to sound like an ingrate but is there a reason why Thor doesn't have bulked up arms?
  20. Now if only I knew what to do with it...
  21. Still working on my Firestar but very excited that she is joining the X-Men. Finally after 30 years! still trying to figure out the approach for the flesh paint.
  22. Thanks Sersi is just an AOA Jean in her chest and croth with a sharpie to fill in the chesticles. Black legs that are sporting Thor boots painted red. Captain America Avengers Team jacket. Jean Grey face and then Aurora hair. I'm not that great of a customizer so I work with easy parts and less painting. So, yeah, that's my blog. I haven't checked this thread in awhile, and imagine my surprise to see my Power Pack staring back at me! They were posted in my customs thread as well. Thanks for the kind words, threreasonsy. I think I have an extra set of decals sitting around, so if you PM me your address I'll drop them in the mail. You are making my day.
  23. Tell me about it. He may get his own bin in my apartment of just Wolverine's.
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