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  1. I hate this topic... just the idea of putting this out in the universe guts me. 60's Marvel Girl / Vance Astro Marvel Boy Banshee / Sunfire Black Knight / TIgra Crystal /Ronan This way I get 3 of my favorite Avengers, complete the Uncanny relaunch team, and have a quartet of New Warriors.
  2. Here’s my thought process: First we have to divide the characters into buckets. If we are talking the franchises we have: Fantastic Four (Power Pack, Inhumans*, etc.) Avengers (New, Mighty, Young, et al.) Thor (Hercules, Asgard, Olympus, etc.) Ironman Captain America (Timely Comics, All Winners, Invaders) Spider-Man (Silver Sable, Black Cat, Venom, etc.) Hulk Namor (Yes, Regina we are trying to make Fetch happen) X-Men (Uncanny through X-Babies) Wolverine (sure he’s an X-Man but he is his own machine churning out Alpha Flight, Lady Deathstrike, etc) Dr. Strange (most magic) Cosmic Defenders (Silver Surfer, GOTG, Quasar, Infinity Watch, Space Heroes) Marvel Knights aka the street heroes (Daredevil, Moebius, Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, Moon Knight, Punisher, Cloak & Dagger, Ghost Rider, etc.) Where sticking points lie are the cross character/world books. For example is Namor really a franchise or is he an Avenger, FF, X-Men or is Daredevil a franchise and Marvel Knights live under him? New Warriors has connections to every corner (Night Thrasher – Marvel Knights, Nova – Cosmic Defenders & Fantastic Four, Namorita – Namor & Fantastic Four, Speedball – Spider-Man, Firestar – Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Marvel Boy/Justice – Avengers, Cosmic Defenders, and Fantastic Four.) Runaways is the “spirit” sister of New Warriors bringing in all of the corners of the MU. Titles like Cloak & Dagger started in Spidey, drifted into the Warriors, X-Men, and the Knights which are basically the street heroes. Based off of characters I would say that surprisingly, The X-Men are still neglected considering the sheer amount of spin-off titles that have been associated with the franchise. X-Men can also be argued to be Marvel's main franchise especially for a good 20-25 year chunk. I would rank Avengers second missing staples like the Masters of Evil, several members of their lineup, Young Avengers, and connections to space heroes. Third would be the Cosmic Defenders no GOTG, Genis, Eternals, MoonDragon, Pip, etc. Four Spider-Man Villans factory. Then Thor. That being said, my love is the Teen heroes set and i would be happy if I finally got my New Warriors completed. We have a Firestar, Cloak, Dagger, Nova, Penance (if I have to ). I would could live with that if I got a four pack set of Marvel Boy, Night Thrasher, Speedball, and Nita. Sure Rage and Sil are missing and I need an updated Firestar but at least I got one.
  3. I just wish that the stripes were a little thinner so taht more variety could be seen on it. I was thinking of using a toybiz Banshee Or a Gen X Banshee But defacing either of them made my soul cry.
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. As requested here is the back of Siyrn's cape. I have Banshee as well in the Blue X-Men uniform but waiting for a hair piece to come in. I hand stitched both but will probably go back over them with a machine whenever I get around to hemming some pants. I also did a loop on the cape for the arms and the head to keep the in position.
  5. THanks guys! I will take more photos from the back of Siyrn so you can see the back. Basically one panel of the ML Banshee made two capes. Just waiting for the right hair piece so I can finish her Dad. Continuing red head week though I realized I hadn't posted my updated MJ. She is hanging in my office and just having a blast. I used a few ladies for her but the head and hair are from the original. The main part of the body is Maya from IM3. Lastly I stole Julia's denim skirt to give it more of a MJ feel. I started trying to make this version using Lady Deathstrike legs, Cowboy Wolvie boots, but I didn't find a black top that "worked" and that gave her a feminine shape.
  6. Well, I just took a turn creating another version of Siyrn using the standard formula: 90's Rogue chest and crotch, First Appearence Doom legs and arms, Cyclops provided the rest except I used movie MJ face and hair. I also decided to try cloth and took a ML Banshee figure and cut the cape, re-sewed it and attached it to her. Thoughts?
  7. Hey guys: Went to y inlaws for a few days and driving cross country. Saw nothing in WI, IL, and will be checking PA in the morning before heading to the 7th level of hell known as TRU Time's Square...
  8. So who do we need to sleep with to get them to release a special set for the new Flashpoint movie?
  9. I'd be able to deal with getting another Spider-Man or Venom to get a Carnage, Doppleganger, or Demogoblin. Not to be a brat, but Firestar was in Maxium Carnage enough to even get into the video game....
  10. Prototyping... so we will see real figures instead of the drawings this time around?
  11. I just keep praying that they can get the license to make this guy at 8 inches and that frees up another slot for somebody else since odds are we will only see 2 waves of these.
  12. There is something to that though. I am not excited about Emma and Piotr because to be frank I like the costumes of Magik and Namor more. I would love an X-Men wave to finish off teams: Namor/Magik (with Namor having accessories to put him in his X-Men costume); Sunfire & Banshee, FC Beast/X-Factor Angel Varient & Danger. That finishes off three teams there with P5, Extinition, and Giant Sized line ups complete. Banshee and Sunfire's completion actually gives a complete line up from Uncanny 94 - Uncanny 138. Add Kitty (Sprite) and Lorna in her crazy purple costume and we make it up to 171when Rogue joined and Carol left.
  13. I would rather paint over my First Class Angel than waste time trying to get that damned thing. I just use Archangel. Warren started wearing that costume in the late teens of X-Factor until the end of the Fall of the Mutants when they all were wearing their "new duds" with the colors just swapped out.
  14. There are so many teams in that position too which drives me nuts. Only a few have been completed. At least with X-Factor we can use Archangel with the team but still that red x costume haunts me.
  15. Which was the worst selling set of all time, Alpha Flight 1, Alpha Flight 2, or Thor? Just curious. Hey now! Those were actually great sets! Thor was only disappointing with the Beta Ray Bill triple re-use (TRU, LCBS & here). Loki was incredible, Sif was a very welcome addition, and Thor was to be expected when the set is called Thor, but still a good figure. Alpha Flight, while a team I have no interest in whatsoever, is still well made, complete, and all new figures, no rereleases! It was really sad these didn't do better, because the principal behind them was one I'd love to see carried forward (Wrecking Crew!). Now it looks like we're not going to get any real team-builder 4-packs that don't have A-listers in them As for the Iron Man 3 AFX SDCC set, I figured it was better to get one in person than to pay shipping later. It's still a very unexciting set but it wasn't really made for us anyway. But an inclusion of "Dummy" the robot would have gone a loooong way to making this set better and would have fit in perfectly, and I'd have paid an extra $5 to have him in there. I think there is a bit of confusion. I personally loved the Alpha Flight sets and have 3 of each version and I am contemplating a 4th which is what made me think what a second I have never had an SDCC exclusive be so available to me before . Also, if Diamond got burned on these niche sets that would make them gun shy and explain the DP, Thunderbolts, and Wolvie Sets. Again, I love them but then again I am a grown man obsessed with getting a Crystal minimate.
  16. What?!? But then you are missing out on the start of the Phoenix saga, The Dark Phoenix Saga, and more. I never liked extended space runs but I did enjoy certain missions like Professor X is a Skrull.
  17. They are beautiful but sadly I really only wnat to binge buy Space Wolvie. I have a feeling I am going to be headed into the dangerzone.
  18. Which was the worst selling set of all time, Alpha Flight 1, Alpha Flight 2, or Thor? Just curious. Why don't we have a "Most negative post " competition ? Just curious. I can think of many candidates for 'worst selling sets of all time' which have eventually become 'most sought after of all time' . It was just a question because even though I loved the three sets, this is the first time I have seen an SDCC set not move. I know that there are several sets that picked up after time but a year later these three sets are discounted to the point that they are more than half off. I heard a guy went to SDCC, bought the Hall of Armor set, and came home with gonorrhea. Just sayin'. I told you that in confidence!
  19. Which was the worst selling set of all time, Alpha Flight 1, Alpha Flight 2, or Thor? Just curious.
  20. I'm going with Spider-man, Firestar, Iceman and the Green Goblin. You know just a group of friends that are Amazing.
  21. This is all shades of wrong. Anyway, maybe they could do a Thing and then pack in the Sharon chest piece since that is all that is missing to make her a she-thing. Do we know anything about the poll besides that the Poll will exist?
  22. BWHAHAHA, Also I wish they made this as a variation of Ben.
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