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  1. Even my largest Minimate is still smaller than a Mask figure with his helmet off Hmmm... now to track down a MASK motorcycle for Deadpool...
  2. Zach - completely get that. I just wish that Target would take the chance again for at least a boxset. Heck even for a DC boxset since they are the home of the JLA figures. Or maybe more love from the Disney store. Please don't take it the wrong way. We are grateful to TRU for giving us a home outside of the LCB store environment. We are just greedy because we love the mates so much!
  3. As much as I weirdly want a red X-Factor Jean Grey (I have a Jean Addicition) I think that you need a N'astirh or S'ym instead of Scott or Jean. This makes me sad because we would be required by Minimate law to have a Wolverine.
  4. I'd buy two boxed sets. Classic Storm/Pyro/Future Logan/Blob and box set two Destiny/Avalanche/Sentinal/Sprite. But having two girls in one box set apparently is a deal breaker.
  5. Another way of looking at it would be that the 616 past hasn't been altered and that is why the original five couldn't go back because they never left. Instead a new alternate time line was created the instant Beast went back and brought them forward in time. I think that this is the case. They didn't go into 616 but maybe 617. Something that was close or almost the same until this moment happened. AOU definitely did something to the time/space continuum, which is leading me to believe Marvel is heading toward that big old DC Nu52 reset button. Also, I am a believer in the Angela is Jean Grey theory. Secondly, Kitty leaving was the only thing that redeemed this series for me. Time and again Kitty has supported all of those X-Men and never asked questions. She always takes their side. The one time she asked them to take hers over a group of strangers they said nyet. I’d be pissed too. At least with Scott’s X-Men you can argue she knows what she is getting and may even be able to soften them. I still want them to fix this Illyana mess but whatever. Back to the Minimates. Sadly, this will be a box set it is a matter of when. Personally, I would prefer celebrating the anniversary of Inferno or Fall of the Mutants but bygones. If I had to I would want Xorn Jean, Shogo, Wolverine’s kid, and Wiccan. Then it is half brotherhood/ half X-Men.
  6. Am I the only one that wants to see this? Maybe it is because it gives us more civilians...
  7. I remember her. I know you do and don't think I don't covet yours!!!
  8. It is sad but Crystal is one of the most connected characters in the Marvel U and the most ignored. She is an Avenger, Fantastic Four, and Inhumans. She married into both the X-Men and into the Cosmic Realm. She's an easy custom but still would love a major release regardless of the costume. Aleta's light based powers would make for great accessories but again no one remembers her. You should get the trade of GOTG for Jim Valentino's run. I remember loving that book. Why not just make a Banshee two pack with both Teresa and Sean. It could even be a theme! Captain Marvel (Carol and Genius), Banshee (Theresa and Sean), Wasp (Hank Pym and Janet), Hawkeye (Kate and Clint),
  9. Um... not to be a jerk.. but... ya need to!!! I ave three basic wants left on my cold day in hell wishlist: Siryn, Crystal, and Aleta. The odds aren't in my favor of ever getting any of them but I still try...
  10. Did I miss a link to this somewhere?
  11. Wait so the line up is final and was announced? Damn Columbus day! Looking through this thread it seems safe to guess that my beloved Siyrn is once again overlooked.
  12. How big were the MASK toys? Can we steal a motorcycle from them?
  13. I started this thread from page 1 again for s's & g's and man do I wish these were available on shelves!
  14. Marvel Minimates Wave 15. May they rest in piece. Was that confirmed to be a lack-of-sales issue? I wasn't around. Ownership may be the wrong word. Englehart seems to have continued her story at DC and Eclipse, under different names. Not sure if there was ever a legal question. If I ever saw a Mantis figure getting made before Crystal:
  15. LOL I wanted that too, so I made them that way. Dug into the custom parts bin and got a full line up although the ladies are KILLING me. Just because I need to have a Maria Hill, Quake, Agent 13, Monica "Black Widow" Chang, Deadpool's SHIELD Agent, and now an Agent May from Agents of Shield. Although I would whine less if Zach got me the Jim Lee X-Men Costume redone for women and men...
  16. I really have a hankering for a Moira MacTaggert, Amanda Stefton (she never really wanted to be a hero), Jarvis, Wong, and that is about it. Most Civilians are easy to custom.
  17. Been thinking long and hard on this one based off of everyone's comments. The comment that struck me the most is that even though some of these characters have longevity they lack in importance. These are the characters I have often gravitated to. Guess I like the under dogs. Regardless, I would LCS 1. Avalanche & Marvel Now Cyclops 2. 90's X-Factor Strong Guy & Polaris 3. Jim Lee X-Men Banshee (extra leg and head for Forge) & Blob TRU 1. Siryn & Warpath 2. 90's X-Factor Havok (with Marvel Now Head) & Sunfire 3. Jim Lee X-Men Uniform Wolverine & Cecelia Reyes 4. Jim Lee X-Men Uniform Wolverine & Jim Lee X-Men Uniform Psylocke I have this weird obsession with team uniforms and really want a full set of Jim Lee's Strike Force X-Men.
  18. Don't believe that. I bought the whole wave from the Times Square Toys R US on August 29th. I left a complete wave plus extras on the shelf. Looks like they haven't restocked. Since I'm posting I might as well say hello to everyone. Been lurking here for over a year and I think I have only posted once. Marv - welcome to the board and THANK YOU! I was goig too start trolling ebay for them but I will not give up hope!
  19. Should he be bald?I only say because the same hair pieces are in both the Zemo sets, suggesting an alternate human look for the Nova Corpse. Thanks for posting! So, this is a Nova figure after the Annihilation series? It is from before. Not sure which was worse the really bad pun or you missing it totally... T.
  20. What. The. HO@UTG#OGEIHB:LI@HD)*@T)@*^%E)@(&@_. The FLAGSHIP TRU in NYC still doesn't have them and I was told that eh. Maybe they will skip this wave. THE FLAGSHIP STORE.
  21. Bendis has extreme highs and lows. This was a low. Nuff said.
  22. Caveat: I will be buying this set. That being said, I kind of hate it. I never got into Angela or Image but man what a great custom fodder for a She-Ra minimate or a Dani Moonstar Valkryie. I was OK with my custom Nick (old Nick head, new hair, on SHIELD body) so I didn't feel that needed an update. I have a butt load of Tony and this new Ultron is the only thing I find interesting. So I feel like a comic collector in the 90's. I will buy it but I hate it. But then again I hated Age of Ultron as well.
  23. Should he be bald?I only say because the same hair pieces are in both the Zemo sets, suggesting an alternate human look for the Nova Corpse. Thanks for posting! So, this is a Nova figure after the Annihilation series? It is from before.
  24. Thunderbolts should get a bucket. Weirdly, in my mind I group them in with the Avengers since they started off as The Masters of Evil in disguise.
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