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  1. Well, calling him Andy might get you banned before you get a chance to over use it. Jah! *mumbles* Dangged typos...
  2. Nonono. Wrong address. Call 1-900-555-0101, wait an hour, then hang up and email me for the right one!
  3. My tip: Never date your sister! Welcome!
  4. Well, look at it this way. If this place wasn't so great, no one would stay. And it's because it's so great that we keep growing. I know I'm here for the long haul! (unless Andy banns me for uveruse of the jawdrop icon! )
  5. I say that this is the only thread where we are allowed to over use these things. Every where else we should use them normally (read: lightly) but here it's like we're testing them. :batmanbeyond: :blackspidey: :spiderham: :blackcat: :spiderman2099: :deathstroke: Hey, what happened to the second Parker one?
  6. :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat: :blackcat:
  7. *glomps Black Cat :blackcat: * I still want my head bang and jaw drop please. And what about a Decepticon logo, just for mua? Oh yeah, we need a kissy face one too.
  8. Man, that Storm one is FUUUUUUUUG-LY! I agree. We need a Deathstroke/Wolverine face off.
  9. Yeah, I really like most of those there. Some are off the wall, but the Jawdrop and headbang are actually fairly standerd in my book! Maybe you could email them, and offer in exchange for their stuff to host a banner or something? Seems fair to me.
  10. I like the back, but the image on the front just isn't doing it for me. I won't be at SDCC, but I defenitly want to order a shirt!
  11. I saw the LOTR ones and went "meh, that's interesting" Then I saw an article on them in ToyFare #80 I think. I went "Cool! Marvel Characters" And promptly went to TRU and bought the Carnage/Spiderman/Doom/Venom set. I've been hooked ever since.
  12. Any of the ones from the Mechacon fourms. I expecially want :jawdrop :brokenwings and :idiot
  13. No. Just the animated series screencaps. They're hard to find for some reason.
  14. You just, TOTALLY, made my night!!! I love you. Thank you, I've been looking all over for that.
  15. I vote for New X-Men Wolvy. I HATE HIM!!!! He has nothing to do with Wolverine at all!!! I also hate maskless Spiderman. Most retarted accessory ever and his hair won't stay on and he looks like he's constipated!
  16. Nope totally random, last time I was online talking to Ady and he had me run the numbers... Must just be beginners luck. T. The chances go down the more people that join. Wouldn't it be funny if some one won two in a row? (not me, odviously)
  17. More than likely they'll be the same size as the LOTR figures which is 2.5" not 3". And you sound like a man that doesn't own any 3" minimates. I just bought a whole shwack of 'em from Shanester and I love 'em! I can't believe Trek and CTHD didn't make it to at least the 2nd wave. And as I said before I love that they are using a larger minimate for larger characters. I wish it was in DST's license to do this Marvel but alas... I have one. he's neat, but he's just too honkin huge! The first time I picked up a 2", I fell in love. My favorite characters, right there in a cut wittle wubbable bundle!
  18. Man, those GI Joe ones look PERFECT! Did you paint the decals yourself or print them on?
  19. I personally hope that they are only 2". I won't buy the 3". I hate those things. They aren't "Mini" at all. The 2" ones turly capture the greatness of the line.
  20. Spiderman! My first set was the TRU Spiderman/Carnage/Doom/Venom, so those four are very special to me. However, I am wildly and passionetly and obsessivly in love with everything Black Cat, she she is a close runner. But I love Spiderman. He rides inside my Masterpiece Convoy.
  21. I have so many Mr. Fs that I can;t remember what came from where.
  22. LOL Do you know how much of a struggle it was for me to not use that line..... T. I always bite. My minimates have bite marks all over them. I even swallowed a MM piece once. (it was an accident)
  23. WTF?! Really?! Wow! I feel so honored. So tell me, do you run the generator more than once, or is evey one just getting lucky on their first try? Thanks man, you just really really made my day!
  24. Man, Fujis! I LOVE your wave 15. That so rocks. Which got me thinking. I want "Modern Era" 80's style Xmen, just like the statues. Brown Wolvy we have, but I want Psylocke, Gambit, Beast and Cyclops. Eh? Eh?
  25. Thank you, thank you. It really was a brilliant idea on my part, wasn't it? Please, no need to thank me. The worship to my statue will be reward enough. I shall put your first born children to good use. I-- What? Oh. *reads thread* Yeah, I had nothing to do with this at all. Enjoy!
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