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  1. They have a new single and CD coming out soon and are going out on tour next month. If you've never checked them out, you definitely should. Their live show is just as good as the music they're performing. If you guys are interested, they're doing a preorder as well as meet and greet tickets at this link... Check it out!
  2. just curious, what's all this Kang love about?
  3. Minimates never "appear" in my area so I quit buying them a long time ago. I'd have to buy them online if I wanted them, and that kind of takes the fun out of the hunt. Besides, the last minimates I bought was the TRU exclusive with the tongue venom. Needless to say, I'm behind.
  4. Is it bad that I'm 22 years old and I love these little guys? I want them all. Everytime I'm at Wal Mart, I want to buy some, but I can't bring myself to do it. Does anyone here actually collect these?
  5. Sorry man. It's a habit to call people kid. I'm not sure why. I'm only 22 so you're def. not a kid to me
  6. oh. haha. i'm such an idiot. looks awesome kid. lemme know if you need any designs or anything.. i might have a template laying around somewhere.
  7. I guess I'm alone, but I like the Hulk. Classic Hulk always had a weird forehead, eyebrow thing going on. I think it's accurate.
  8. oh i def. get what you were doing and where you were going with them and they look great. but i think they just need a little more so that when i see it, i see "zombie." keep up the good work.
  9. Missing limbs to add ??? to the zombie effect.
  10. I like the zombies, but i have to say, they look more like battle damaged than zombies. the black paint dots alone don't seem ZOMBIE to me. you need some ribcages or missing limbs to add. or some greenish skin:-p
  11. Haha. So because I haven't bought a minimate in a year, my argument was wrong? I don't care one way or another if they make a Red Skull mate or not, but I'm just saying that people need to lighten up about things. I understand that tons of people were killed, but like YOU said, it did happen, and I was arguing the point, that you agreed with. But since I don't buy minimates anymore, I guess we were both wrong, huh?
  12. To be honest, I don't even care. I just wanted to argue the other side of the argument. And I got those numbers of of wikipedia and some other site. I probably wouldn't buy the Red Skill mate anyways.. I haven't bought a minimate since, like, series 2. :-p
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