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  1. my entry.
  2. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am the best looser! 2nd place! yepee! hehehe! Thanks guys! COngrats to Gilly A.K.A Early Frost for winning the top price! =) Thanks Geohound for the awesome contest
  3. nice one gilly! My Entry Don't you go teleporting! Your predictable....taste this metal on ice!
  4. WOW! nice to see MMMV is up an running again. Dec. my last post might as well post an update.
  5. Merry Christmas! and A Happy New Year! from the Pinoys!
  6. "enter" Merry Christmas! Hope this will be ur gift for me. hehehe!
  7. ^puny indeed! here fastball special
  8. minimates display sets or dioramas. sold separately or with the set of four minimates.
  9. hehehe! lab this shot.... quite late but dah!
  10. Happy Halloween to all!
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