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  1. I truly hope that theory is right because it can't be a guarantee until they are in our hands. haha. A couple bucks...Sure totally, for a better product. However, if minimates go the way of say kubricks or bearbricks,(decent looking and creative but clearly catering to a niche of collectors who are wiling to pay 10+ for 1, and in the end, cost 50 cents to make) my wallet will have a hard time keeping up. lol. I really want to believe that this is not the case and for our extra cash we will see goblin gliders a plenty, multiple heads, and an air stand for every mate that can fly, or even jump pretty high.
  2. Hahaha!. wow. Battleship, The Movie. If it is a hit(which it will not be) ...can we expect Monopoly, Connect Four, Mouse Trap, Sorry. Oh and Hungry Hippos! It is a board game to movie revolution!
  3. So awesome! My wallet already has sympathy pains...But so awesome.
  4. Sony owns blu-ray, why would they let M$ put it in the 360? uh....for an obscene amount of
  5. I heard the new one plays blu-ray instead of that flop hddvd. Any clarity from anyone?
  6. I Sent a request for some missing whiplash whips about a week ago. But judging from the nature of this thread, I wont hold my breath on a response. lol.
  7. Wow, the Germans are impressive. England played well, and it was a goal. if it ended 2-1, i get the feeling there would be more issues with that than there already are. Plus there coaches are dressed like there coming straight out of GQ. +2 style points.
  8. I totally understand your point, and to be totally fair, i was/am planning on getting quite a few extras for some people on the boards(at cost). I dont think the issue for me was if the employees/manager kept some for themselves or even got extras of their own. As you said that is a perk of the job. It was more so that i had been told, not 10 min earlier that they are there and in stock, and made a very excited trip to go get them. And the frustration of knowing that had i not said anything/been there and made a scene...the exclusives (in their entirety) would have never hit the floor/rack. Otherwise, when i asked where they were, it would have been very easy for the manager to simply bring out one case( i heard they had 4, its a big TRU and stocks minimates like mad, usually 3-4 full racks) and let me dig through it, grab what i want, and walk away pleased, while still retaining many others for himself. As opposed to telling a bit of a fib and hoping i dont get back there in time on monday. To put it in perspective: If the manager is a fellow collector- than he would be more than happy to get one case out for me, relating to the relief of being through with the hunt. Fabricated(imo) release date or none. He would get one case,and just one case out especially combined with the fatc that someone had already told me they were there. If the manager is a scalper/out for personal gain only- Than he would do exactly what he did, and figure out anyway to get me out of the store empty handed/ make me put the extra effort into it in hopes that i dont follow through. ...which I totally will. haha. Fellow collector=fair game, through and through. Manager who is a scalper=not what TRU intended at all. unfair advantage and insider info and control for personal gain (Sound familiar....insider Stewart anyone) All very good points though, and its true, when it comes to collecting etc, the employee/worker cant win and its often not fair to them. When working at KB toys, was there ever a situation that arose like this though? Where a customer asked about a new release...came in to get it...and was told to come back later? Im guessing not, and that's the huge difference between you (a fellow collector) and this manager(an entrepreneur of sorts)
  9. ha yeah, thats what i kinda figured. sweet validation. It felt really weird cause i was told not 10 min prior the good news that they had them in. And the employee on the phone remembered me, so they couldn't claim "they arent here yet." So I think it was a pickle for them more than anything else. They knew that i knew, the mates were there...solution...lie. lol. I dont really care about that, i just want the mates + doubles at retail for my effort. My hope is that he will be forced to leave em out there Mon morning for fear of me. I told him id be there waiting for the door to open, and i think he believed me. haha.
  10. i went to my TRU today cause the employee i spoke to over the phone said they had 4 cases in today. But when i got there...went to the shelf...a bunch of thor/lady loki....asked the rep. on the floor...she went in the back and came back and said that "they have em in the back but the store manager isnt putting them out till mon. morning upon open" what!!? I asked to speak with him, he said that they got theirs in TOO early and because no other stores in the region have em yet, they have been instructed not to put them out till monday morning. I then went on to make a mess of things and argue that when a toy line is released...its released! And that the manager shouldn't be under any obligation to "hold back" so to speak. I sensed an inside deal somehow lol, and accused them of something. He assured me that all the cases in their entirety will be on the rack on opening mon. And then i assured him i would be the first in the door on opening to see if he was telling the truth. Has this ever happened to anyone? hahaha? i feel conspired against, not sure whether to laugh or cry. This is california by the way. And havent heard any news out of here, so he may be legit, but still, smells fishy and severely dissapointing. what would stop an employee manager team from purchasing the exclusives on their own accord and then selling em. is it legal? Cause its something i would think about if i worked there, new toy series...check ebay...jackpot.
  11. yeah that was really cool to watch, Spain/Chile right now..also very interesting
  12. I hope your right karamozov...but deadpool 28 wasnt even a variant, and he still goes for 25-45 due to demand. My only worry about hulkbuster is that he appeals to multiple crowds, iron man fans, completists (of course), big sculpt fans, and customizers. And he is really one of a kind, thus far at least. I hope DS is aware of how potentially popular he is so we dont have another shortage situation. Does anyone know how many TRU exclusives come in each TRU case? is it half and half? Which would work out to one hulkbuster/gamma hulk and one betsy/lockjaw per set? That would be ideal.
  13. There is one Hulkbuster ebay auction right now, sold loose. Im anxious to see what it goes for. Pretty much the preliminary trendsetter
  14. Im not ashamed to say im going to load up on these. Luckily, one of the TRU near me gets very very little traffic and kinda run down, BUT do carry minimates in abundance, theyll prob be shut down by next year. But not this week..ha. So im hopeful. My gut says Fri morning. If i get the chance id be happy to share. PM me with details. No overcharge either, cost plus ship. I dont believe in that.
  15. Im with you on this. USA game was super exciting, and yes we got smacked by the refs again. I really dont think its a conscious thing they are doing, its just a negative they "assume" the US is doing something wrong even if they arent, and vice versa for the other team with "missing" fouls. But thats the game so whatever. This ref was sooooo much better than the last guy Couli..something. And I think the US has done so well partially because of the adversity. If they were heavy favorites and beloved by all from the beginning, i doubt they would have advanced. Hopefully, now that will change. So happy we got to face England before they woke up. If we have to face them again, that'll be tough to say the least. Squaring up to be an interesting 16. Glad to see England and the USA advance, scary there for bit. Congrats to them! England can(and will hopefully) beat Germany and the US has a good shot against Ghana. Still fun to watch either way.
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