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  1. fight club is delayed this week if not postponed outright. It's 3:43am and i just got home from helping a friend clean out her mom's house and i have to go back after I sleep for a while. But I'll do my best to get back here. Thank you for your patience.
  2. No one is going to take Microsoft seriously after this either. I think that's the absolute biggest problem they're going to fast in the future. They had an idea and created it from just about nothing, but then it was improperly and in adequately explained to the masses and since no one really knew what they were being told, they got mad, so Microsoft just gave up on their vision. Totally turned the other way, so now who would partner with them at all? What real integrity do they have left? They gave up once because of bitching and wailing, they'll give up again. I am mad about the family share thing being gone. I'm absolutely livid about the fact that I can't just have all my games sitting on my console and be able to play whatever I want to whenever I want to without any effort, which is part what the online check in did. I know it's a lazy thing to be mad about, but I've wanted that feature since the 360 started letting you install games. My thought was always just package a single use code with each game, so that you can install the game and not need the disc to play it. It just urks me.
  3. I honestly can not believe microsoft caved so badly. The One could have been a really great thing. Yeah there were a few issues, but honestly, I don't care. I just can't stand that they gave up on everything, just because a bunch of people went nuts over something that wasn't even out and without actually understanding why they were even really angry. I pre-ordered an Xbox One when I could and I'm still going to get it but at this point I don't know why. It's just a 360 with a tune up at this point. That's great. Yeah I'm in the minority here, but I don't care. The Xbox One could have been the first step towards an actual future of innovation in gaming, not the tacked on bullshit gimmicks we've been getting, but now? Well, it doesn't matter anymore, does it? And for the record, the easiest solution to the online check in thing is that if you want to play offline, all you need is to put the disc in the tray. Then the check in is moot and people who can do it or want to are all set, and people who can't are good too. I apologize for the angry rant. It's nothing against anyone here, people have just been shoving this thing at me since yesterday and I've had enough of it, so I decided to throw my opinions out somewhere with a higher median IQ and conversational skills than most of the people who seem to want to talk to me about it.
  4. A special thanks to hellpop for the terror dog. A new unwieldily and generally unposeable minimate for TTFC. Hooray!
  5. Still a bit fried from last week's shenanigans, so just a small one this week.
  6. I'd honestly like two Ghosts, translucent and non-translucent. But then again, I really likes me some Ghost.
  7. Nessex, you stop putting hopes of a Ghost Minimate in my head. You stop it right now, mister. Those dreams were crushed down long ago and if they resurface now my brain my very well explode. A Thunderbolts set with Luke Cage, Translucent Ghost, Satanna and Man-Thing is second only to Nextwave on my wish list.
  8. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who comes here every tuesday to see this. One year is a big deal for me. It's pretty much the longest I've ever stuck to any kind of scheduled thing in my life. I appreciate all the comments and enthusiasm. If that wasn't there, I probably wouldn't keep doing this. In reference to weapons: yes they can and will be used now, but not every fight. Not remotely. Just from time to time when I care to, or when anyone else cares to if anyone else ever puts up anything (hint hint). It's a big decision to make and it wasn't easy, but I'm alright with it now. I think you will be too soon enough. And as to the mailbag, it's just that. Just send me a PM or ask in the thread here. I check the thread regularly, so I won't miss anything. But if you do ask in he thread, please be specific about it being a mailbag question, as otherwise I'll most likely just answer it right there. Thanks again for the amazing year everyone. Let's hope the next one is just as fun. -Geo
  9. Sit down and strap in, this is a long one. Tune in tomorrow for a special announcement.
  10. Damn fine entries from everyone here. Need to vote. Donny, swear to god if ever I wanted something as a poster it would be your Rhino drawing. Absolutely astonishing.
  11. Clearly the arms might need to be longer and the knees would need to be able to bend back a bit further, but I doubt that's what's keeping a toad minimate from existing.
  12. You're the best guy ever. Entitled might be a bit strong, but whatever works.
  13. I would love to see more translucent promos, but at the same time I would be immensely saddened by the fact that I can't go to SDCC and would need to get a few of whatever blanks popped up. Still, would be cool though and I can't wait to see what's coming up.
  14. They're both the same Iceman, but the discolored one I got for $1 off ebay where as the non-discolored one that I normally use I got from a trade here. I don't what causes that kind of discoloration, aside from sun damage, but someone on this board will be able to tell you, I'm sure. It does seem to be more of an issue with clear plastic, but maybe it has to do with the type of plastic. I have no idea. Now for fighting. Short one this week because I spent my Memorial Day watching movies with my nephew and playing FarCry3: Blood Dragon. Sadly, I must announce Azeltor's retirement from the TTFC arena, at least temporarily. I discovered today that his leg is broken at the knee and is barely hanging on to the peg at this point, making him unable to fight. This, of course, sucks because he's one of my favorite fighters. He's so weird looking that it allows me to make okes like today's and get away with it. So if anyone has one they want to get rid off, send me a message.
  15. I know for certain the halo active camo guys are the same color as the clear parts that come with the MAX guys, beyond that I don't know. I have very few GB mates, which in retrospect after starting TTFC, was probably a poor decision. Also, that ebay one will match if it isn't faded. It looks discolored in that picture, but I'm almost positive that's just the lights used in the picture. I know lighting those purely clear guys is just a pain in the ass.
  16. The big blast pieces i used on Johnny's feet are the parts from Blastaar from wave 48. I had to take his feet off to put them on, but it worked out i think.
  17. Thanks, but can you just remove all the images from your reply so it doesn't make the thread harder to load than it already is please? Thanks.
  18. Happy birthday, Zach. Hope you've had an amazing day.
  19. I didn't even see this contest until just now. Well, gotta get to work on something I suppose.
  20. Thanks. Glad you guys like it. I think Johnny's running Flame On might be my favorite thing I've done here so far, or at the very least lately. Also, less than a month away from the one year anniversary. What could happen?
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