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  1. 12 hours ago, Navaan said:

    No villains for Power Rangers.

    It's hard to hold your tongue when things like this come up. How do you have the movie suits, the show versions, but no villains? No Ninja suits? No minimate megazords?


    Hopefully in the future. But make it make sense! 

  2. Zach, I don't mean to be that guy, but seriously. I was just talking to my friends about my hidden infatuation for Power Rangers. (Still haven't mustered up the confidence to mention my Minimates love lol).


    I really want to tell you, DST, and Luke how much I appreciate you all for your dedication to this brand. I don't mean to come off has hyperbolic, but I'm really thankful this brand is still around, and it's going to new places. You've always got a supporter in me!


    I started collecting Minimates with the hopes that Power Rangers would be produced one day. I'm getting every single one (especially if they go deep into the mythos like the Lightning Collection has). I'm so grateful and excited!

  4. is there anyway we can get some new, lasting Lines? I love the marvel stuff but maybe something different with a long lineage?

    Power Rangers



    Mortal Kombat

    More Sonic?

    Street Fighter series?

    I just think some of the other lines just fizzle out after a while. But I can't imagine something like DBZ wouldn't be great. maybe us in the chat should make a petition to show interest?

    Just some thoughts.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Padrino said:

    Where on Jay street? By LIU?  My office is by Borough Hall. I've never seen any at the 2 different Court locations or in the Fulton Mall. I also travel to Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge pretty frequently and never saw them their either.

    I know in South Brooklyn (Walgreens by Kings Plaza in Sheepshead Bay) is pretty good on stocking their store with the latest ones. It was the only place i could find the Infinity War set. 

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