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'Get last post' problems?

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Is anyone else having issues getting to the last read post in the Marvel section?

I use the mobile version and for the last week or more, when I click on the topic or the star, I am taken to the very beginning of the thread, not the new posts I have yet to read. This is really annoying, especially with all the SDCC news!

Anyone else having this problem? Any idea for a fix? Thanks!

EDIT: This only seems to be a problem for me in the Marvel section. The other sections I frequent work correctly and take me to the new posts.

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The little dot or star next to the thread title will take me to the last post that o read; assuming I have not already read every post in the thread. If I have already read the thread, and want to reread the last post and add something, the dot is greyed out and does not work; I need to go to the last page and scroll down.

And I have not had the problem for which this thread was started in a long time.

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