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selling my lego's

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i have recently come in need of funds and have decided to sell off the remainder of my lego collection, i mainly have minifigures and a small selection of pieces i used for a clone trooper outpost :P

i was wondering if anyone knows good ways to sell these buggers quickly at a good price

my collection consists of various castle, potter and starwars stuff and then a heavily concentrated amount of clone wars stuff (i have 14 normal clone cadets, various commanders and captains, a few gunners, etc. I have at least 20 battle droids, and a few super battle droids)

any help is greatly appreciated

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Selling them individually on ebay is probably the way to get the most money. Just out of curiosity, which Harry Potter minifigures do you have? I collect those, but only the flesh tone versions. (non-yellow)

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I don't know much about LEGOs, but in general, selling individual figures, like venom says, will likely reap the greatest financial reward. But it is a pain listing so many individual auctions and packaging them all up separately if you've got a lot to sell. So, you may consider small-ish, thematically related lots (so, a set of 5 troops, or a handful of characters from a given film, etc.). The last thing I would recommend is selling them in one lump sum. You're nearly guaranteed to lose out on potential $$ that way.

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ok so i just realized i also have a few animals for sale, i have a rock golem from that OLD miner's line, i have 4 horses, 2 white, 1 white with native american details, and one brown. I have Buckbeak from Harry Potter missing a wing, 3 skeleton horses, 2 white and one black. I have a triceratops without his horns, a stegosaurus, a black octopus, a green crocodile and a brown monkey


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