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  1. Umphpool

    Show Some Green, Win Some Green!

    Awww I wished I signed up sooner
  2. Umphpool

    Favorite Bands ?

    Good guess and that's pretty cool, I have yet to see a concert in Brazil. And congrats on finally getting your own stadium lmao. My dad is part of the Mancha Verde (Palmerias)
  3. Agreed The Thunderbolt set took care of that. An Agent X minimate would be pretty awesome as well
  4. Umphpool

    House of Cards ?

    True im sure It would not be tough to make a Custom Kevin Spacey.
  5. Umphpool

    New Music Mates

    Some Dave Matthews Band or Umphreys Mcgee Minimates would be so awesome
  6. It would be pretty dope to see a Mr. Underwood Minimate along with his wife and Major Characters. Also I would like to see Cashew the Guinea Pig get his own Mate lmao
  7. Umphpool

    Favorite Bands ?

    Thats a great band, What arena in Brazil were they in. I used to live there for two years when I was younger. I was a Huge Vasco Da Gama fan as well when I lived down there. DMB was a Rockin Rio recently and I didn't get to go because of Work/ Grad School
  8. Umphpool

    Favorite Bands ?

    My all time favorite band is Umphrey's Mcgee I've seen 18 shows in the last two years alone. And I'm seeing them seven times in May. The fan-base feels like a huge family and always willing to lend a hand. Also love going to music festivals as well, something about camping and live bands playing to till 5am gets me so pumped. Also enjoy the hell out of Dave Matthews Band So what are some of your favorite bands ?
  9. I probably got the idea ,when I read a thread a while ago. I got the feeling there was to many Deadpool mates lol.
  10. Umphpool

    MMMV Demographic

    Pretty cool to see the demographics of this website
  11. Umphpool

    The NFL Thread

    Jets just picked up Jacoby ford pretty solid pickup. Also saw that the redskins signed Deshawn Jackson
  12. Here's a picture inspired by the trailer of the movie. Hope you guys like it
  13. Thanks buddy, so far so good everyone here is pretty cool.
  14. Umphpool

    Mega Bloks HALO 2014 (new articulation)

    I'll keep my cash