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  1. Thanks guys. I'm overage, but I don't drink. I'll pretend its Diet Coke. And I think I'm older than Rad already Jo Sitting at work on his birthday
  2. I know, it just shows how different our countries are really. We don't even arm most of our police.
  3. See, reading that just scares the hell out of me. I got Wii boxing gloves, monster slippers and books. Jo sitting at work at 9.18am on boxing day - I've taken 1 call so far and I started at 9
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. It wasn't as upsetting as it could be, as she's had Alzheimer's for the last 4 years, so we really lost her a while back. It was nice to see everyone though, and my brother, my cousins and I carried the coffin into and out of the church grounds. We're becoming a bit of a "weddings and funerals" family, which is a bit of a shame. Anyway, back to geography. Jo sitting at work on Christmas Eve, and having to do a full day Boxing Day as well
  5. Born in York, moved to Market Harborough when I was 5, then Leicester when I went to Uni, then stayed there a while working. I now live in Kegworth, right under the flightpath for East Midlands Airport, and work in Derby. The other important location for me is Bishop Wilton, where my Mum grew up, my Dad currently lives, and my grandparents lived during their lifetime. It's kind of the unofficial meeting place for my family and I was there last Tuesday for my Grandma's funeral.
  6. Makes me glad at times I don't live in the states. Mattel won't sell them over here, so I have to order them by the case - means I get almost the full set each time without the hunt, which is a bit of a bonus. Of course, it does mean I have to scour ebay for chases. If anyone is interested, I have a spare Hal Jordan still in his package. Gimme a yell if you want it. Jo
  7. Got mine at Target. But that was about a year ago. You got a picture of Dan at Target? Dude! Jo who's feeling in a silly mood today
  8. Monthlies All the Wildstorm U stuff - absolutely love it, especially now with some control over the unified direction of the books. Not that bothered by their horror stuff or their tv tie-ins, and the signature stuff I pick up what looks interesting Booster Gold Legion of Superheroes - not enjoying as much since Waid finished writing it, but it's still ok Most Transformers stuff Trades Most of DC's universe stuff - I don't bother that much with the out of continuity stuff, but pick up the rest. I find Batman a bit boring, but I love JSA, Green Lantern (and Corps) and Blue Beetle. Hellboy/BPRD Some Vertigo stuff - I'm avoiding Hellblazer because I know I'll want to pick up all of it, and most of their output these days just doesn't inspire me, apart from Fables. I love the Sandman/Lucifer/Books of Magic stuff, and things like Transmetand Y the Last Man Empowered - yes, ya gotta love some t&a Other random stuff that appeals Jo
  9. Hmmm. I've picked up all of Countdown (but not the side ones like arena, countdown to adventure) and the DC 0 issue. I'm not picking up Final Crisis, but mostly because I usually pick up DC stuff in trades - I bought 52 and followed through to Countdown, but it hasn't thrilled me in the same way. What can I say? I can't really identify what made countdown 'meh' instead of 'wow' - possibly the lack of a coherent vision and a seemingly only surface knowledge of characters. I suppose part of it is that I wasn't that invested in the characters - I love Kyle, Harley and the Flash rogues, but Jimmy Olsen certainly isn't a draw. I suppose its because (and this is probably blasphemy in the current DCU - please don't stone me), but I don't rate Kirby *runs for cover*. Some of the ideas of the Fourth World were good, but the execution was just plain awful. Trouble is, no-one at DC seems to realise this, or even acknowledge that there are fans that appreciate new, fresh ideas instead of re-hashes from 30-odd years ago. Just because it was fun in the 60s/70s when you were a kid, doesn't make it a good story now. I'm sorry. But anyway - it'll be interesting to see what Morrison does. And how the next wave of writers get around it. Jo
  10. Can anyone get me that Lobo? Much appreciated if you can. Jo
  11. I managed to pick up a Luthor on sale here in the UK last week. He's purty. I'd love to see a suited version though. Cassie I'm really fond of, but she has a similar problem to Harley in that she's just too spindly. I'm hoping Wonder Woman will at least look like she could lift a truck. I'm looking forward to the Babs/Azrael pack - I wanted Azrael but couldn't find him. And that's just reminded me - wave 5 (the store exclusive one): will anyone be able to pick those up for me? Please let me know and I'll sort out payment. I'd love to see an Atom Smasher BAF. Jo
  12. Not quite a bump, but I wanted to bring this forward a little. I've been buying these by the case from Cornerstore comics. No problems at all so far, but with wave three coming up I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Whereas I wanted both Aquamen and didn't mind which Firestorm I got, I'm a lot more invested in the Wv3 characters and only want specific versions. Basically, I want a Sinestro in the Sinestro Corps uniform and the masked Deathstroke. Depending on what I get, is there anyone wanting the opposite? I'd prefer other Brits, just for speed and cost, but I'm happy to deal with anyone really. I have low standards Please feel free to post or PM. How do people think the line is going so far anyway? My favourites so far are Metamorpho, Red Tornado, Black Manta and Aquaman (both). I wasn't as keen on the Penguin, and I thought Grodd looked a little too calm (I'd have preferred an evil grin or a more angry look). I was looking forward to Harley, but she's just a little too spindly for my tastes, and the blue wash on her face is a little too heavy. The two Supermen (red/blue) look surprisingly good together - I was expecting to feel much more "meh" towards them. Jo
  13. Hi guys, just thought I'd chime in - a bit late, as usual. I'm in the same boat as TM2Dinobot with Transformers - I have a roomful. I'm currently collecting the Mattel DCU figures and the Legendary Comic Book Heroes, as well as comics (everything Wildstorm U, and most DC trades from the last 6-7 years). I've got to be very strict with myself, as I can get very carried away if I'm not careful. Hence the Transformers room
  14. Hi guys How many more BSG (current series) waves will we see? Any hints what will be in them? Any thoughts on a Minimate equivalent of the Legendary Comicbook Heroes line? I'd loves me a Superpatriot, Savage Dragon or Star minimate. When's Deadpool coming? Thanks again, Jo
  15. Thanks for answering Chuck. Pretty damn quick as well. I'm glad my question about not selling to us non-Americans was answered seriously. Doesn't make the situation any better, mind, but at least it was answered. Nevermind. Jo Edit - sounded unintentionally sarcastic first time around
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