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  1. After watching the movie I’m actually hard pressed to see 9 figures that I would want/buy from this movie. This could have been a two pack or maybe a four if I stretch. I mean besides the new suit, the black suit, and Mysterio I don’t have a “need” for any of the other characters.
  2. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t discussed this before. Sports mates would do well especially for teams that trade people. I’d love a set of Mets Mates!
  3. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    Nah! I’m still team Spider-Ham!
  4. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    Rude. I’m saddened now.
  5. It shall be added to the list of reasons.
  6. Weirdly this sale isn’t everywhere. I got stoked seeing an animated/movie smorgasbord whilst on vacation and when they rang up it was full price. Granted maybe it’s because I’m in Puerto Rico but double check your receipts.
  7. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    I’m going with (Hail Ivan) once I get the figures in.
  8. Not to knit pick because your sentiment is right but they have given us force blasts twice. I still think a small adjustment like extra hands would be cheaper and help playability/pose-ability and be a great step toward evolution.
  9. I’m still waiting for my Star Jammers.
  10. I agree. I just think extra hands in different poses should be the norm. Look at all the love we have for the Spidey with the twhip hands!
  11. I keep buying Marvel Legends for the accessories and that really made me think... Minimates need more stuff. Like hands for example. I have spent a $hit ton of money buying pucks and Jesus figures just for the pointing and the handstand hand which doesn't really help with all of the characters. It would be great if they came with multiple things like this: I get that the extra accessories *may* be too much but is it really that hard to give us a few more hand options?
  12. thereasonsy

    wave 77

    I think they come out tomorrow (3/7) unless Luke's angels got them in the post sooner and someone managed to get them today.
  13. Of course! I’m not a complete savage!
  14. I think you hit the nail on the head. Those licenses aren’t toy friendly. I started laughing when I heard they were going to make Dark tower mates as it was pretty well known in entertainment circles that that movie was going to bomb. I was surprised about Pulp Fiction has a strong following but it had been years since View Askew did anything popular. I think Rocketeer though hits some key quadrants: it’s fun, nostalgic, timely and makes sense. I would be surprised if they made more than a 4 pack though.
  15. I’ll take two please.
  16. Hey Zach: Out of curiosity, what are the odds we could get a Fantasticar statue similar to the Thundertank?
  17. It’s disappointing that due to lead times we can’t get more figures. Especially now that the movie is going back into cinemas with new footage.
  18. Agreed. My only two cents would be that it’s challenging to get the parks to carry anything. Last time I went I didn’t see any minimates on Disney property but I do remember they had them at Islands of Adventure but that was years ago.
  19. Well TRU is coming back by years end allegedly.
  20. He has repeatedly said on this board that the line is continuing. And tbh I believe him although I am concerned about distribution, licenses, and now prices due to tariffs which will lead to a price increase but I am primed to believe we have at least 3 more waves for Marvel product.
  21. I’m growing impatient for my translucent Green Lantern!
  22. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    After flipping through some back issues, I would love a cosmic wave! Vance Astro, DarkHawk, Gladiator, Lilandra (BAF), Starlord, Yondo, Nebula, Genis Marvel.
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