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  1. I'd also like to be entered in the drawing! Thanks Zach!
  2. New reveals from SDCC!
  3. So are we still going to see a comic book store exclusive boxset?? I guess its safe to assume that Captain America and Falcon are the repeat characters...? I thought it was confirmed that we would get a boxset but there is no mention of it in the article
  4. Series 7 reveal at the NYCC panel
  5. They show pics of the two Spider-Man packs on their website, it's classic Spider-Man/Scorpion and Miles/Vulture
  6. This was in the Defenders?? How did I totally miss it??
  7. The AMS 129 Easter egg on the skull x-ray is a nice touch!
  8. I found series 4 today in Florida. Only one store in my area got them in. The rest are backed up on multiple sets of series 3
  9. I believe Zach said that from series 3 on, they were going to stop the .5 series number. So the Kaine/Anti-Venom wave would be series 4
  10. In my opinion, Bendis does a lot better on solo books than team books. His original run on Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil were good but he nearly destroyed the X-Men, and I can't stand his GoTG. So many run-on sentences...I get trying to make the dialogue sound natural, but... Having read so many books that he's written, I've noticed that he also uses the same plot devices/similar dialogue across a lot of his series- he can be very repetitive
  11. I just got my sealed case in the mail, and my sort order was a bit different than the one previously posted- specifically that Silk was the 9th figure rather than the 10th Old Man Logan Venom Venom Spider-Gwen Old Man Logan Deadpool 2099 Spider-Gwen Deadpool 2099 Silk Iron Man Iron Man Wolverine Iron Man Spider-Man Wolverine Spider-Man Spider-Man Wolverine
  12. Haven't had any luck finding series 3, which is a little concerning since they usually hit here pretty early - and I've only seen series 2.5 once, they're aren't any peg-warming the locations I checked. However, I did just see that series 3 is in the Walgreens weekly ad for next week, so my hope is renewed!
  13. The Walgreens that I found series 2.5 at suddenly had 10+ available according to the website, so I checked it out but it was a bunch of 1.5
  14. Got my boxset in the mail from TRU. Used the arms and legs from Suited Vision to complete Matt Murdock
  15. Based on the in-package pic on Instagram, they appear to be attached to alternate hands
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