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  1. I like Michonne from Walking Dead Box Set 1, she's pretty much the boss in that boxset with her buckle, scarf, jacket, headband, pink skirt, bandage, nice hair sculpt and katana. Well since you asked what we want to see in the future, i dreamed of getting a special Rick minimate based on The Walking Dead AMC series. Now that's something i would like to make a stop-motion movie with. *for second prize please*
  2. (limited up to a 2 page spread) means an expanded panels that usually took 2 pages?
  3. Congrats to the winners..Its fun to lose..Lol
  4. "SMACK THAT ON THE FLOOR" Ground is cardboard (added some fluids), lights are from mini keychains (can clearly see one behind GR)..50% translucent for each character..
  5. That Mark 30 is a silver centurion armor in blue..So 1 free option for DST to repaint?
  6. IM3 minimates still hot..Wish there will be 2 or more armor made for this line..
  7. The battle beast looks good, i don't think they got any prob to even make Hunters, Grunts or even Floods back then..I already start to imagine how Halo 4 aliens would be in a minimate form..The promethean knight and even the Didact..Am really upset the license ended earlier..Well i was hoping they at least got the chance to make Masterchief in Halo 4 armor..
  8. Gotta see that one, am pretty much unto collecting movie/tv mates..Hope to able make the TV series version of Rick Grimes..
  9. Is there anyway we can customize Rick into the Tv series version? Any good replacement for his shirt?
  10. Not sure if i broke any rules here, let's hope i didn't. Wished for Halo 4 minimates, so i did some photoshop work just to imagine how it will kinda looks like.
  11. Planned to sculpt Masterchief and Cortana from Halo 4, but am just not good at it..Photoshop is easier :tongue:
  12. Waiting for Law & Paul from Tekken :biggrin:
  13. Ryme

    Trick or Treat

  14. Ryme

    Trick or Treat

    Zoom it out..Looks like a Spider Battle Beasts minimate variant :tongue:
  15. Congrats to all contestants!!! Thanks to the organizers too, look forward to the next contest :biggrin:
  16. Sound good to me I'm on the opposite side..
  17. Thanks was in haste that i forgot the radar function..
  18. Hi Guys..Guess here's my entry, a bit random and more like a tribute, a line to remember for this anniversary.. Recorded using a low resolution webcam, i had no choice but to use some cartoon effect to light up the images/video.. Sorry for the low quality :tongue: If anyone ever watched Halo Legends, this cartoon effect is a bit similar to the Episode "the Duel"..
  19. Lol it just fits in!? :biggrin: Thanks for the picture Cap Thought about the mcfarlance ones..But maybe a lil too big..
  20. I see, saw some video review on it and I'm really intrigued to try it out maybe clear up some more space in the pod for a minimate..
  21. Anyone knows if Halo Mega Bloks ODST Pods works well with Minimates? I mean can a minimate fits in it?
  22. Then that's the reason why there won't be any Pokemon minimates.. :tongue: But if they make Naruto minimates, who knows how the fans would act..
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