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  1. Couldn't be happier with the winners! Congratulations to they winners, and a big hearty thanks to everybody that made this competition possible!
  2. My Killer Croc Minimate tells me he's hungry and that I should fix that problem with this contest. So I made Orca! I used Graphics Gale for every bit of that... took some time, so I hope somebody gets a kick out of it I'd also like to give my thanks to everybody who made this contest possible! Thanks, guys! And God bless!
  3. Everybody wins! =D
  4. In case you didn't know, I'm a big fan of your decals hahaha Are Kyle's hands from Menace?
  5. I'd love to know exactly what it looks like underneath the mass of muscle =P Great work, Shamrock. I just finished a Mr. Freeze custom that was based on yours. You're inspiring!
  6. Wow, thanks man. For both of those compliments. I really appreciate it! Haha absolutely! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks! I usually prefer Marvel to DC, but if there's one thing from DC I can appreciate, it's anything Batman. I grew up on the Animated Series and Batman Beyond. Haha thanks! I wish I could credit more of his appearance to my own ingenuity, but it's really more based on the parts at my disposal, so I guess the credit goes to God for blessing me with the parts to make him. Thanks for the compliments, guys!
  7. For the time being, the topic title is somewhat misleading. I really only have one true custom, unless you count Mr. Stay (in my heart forever) Puft Man from the Amalgam Contest (which, by the way, was a blast. Thanks to everyone that helped put that together). Rather, the title is made plural in the optimistic hope that I'll continue to make customs and that I won't stop after this very first one. Well, enough talk. Introducing my first custom, Mr. Freeze! Though I must admit a substantially large portion of this Mr. Freeze was based on the one Shamrock made (Shamrock's Mr. Freeze), there are a few noticeable differences. Probably the most obvious difference is the face, which is, in fact, Tenime's. On that note, all of Tenime's decals can be found here, and they're all worth checking out. I might end up using his Poison Ivy or Scarecrow decals next Anywho, I'd just like to say that this Mr. Freeze was done entirely with the materials I had at home. That means Testors paint, Apple Barrel Paint (by Plaid, which my Dad and I had previously used to paint yard decorations for Christmas), a regular Dell Printer, and the standard little paintbrushes found at places like the Dollar Tree. I didn't even have waterslide decals. The face decal you see on Freeze is actually printed on the excess clear part of a bumper sticker (that Razer sent me when I ordered a headset for TF2 hahaha) that was then placed onto the head of a Red Cross Promo. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you've never customized a Minimate before, don't be afraid to try. Don't give yourself the excuse of not having the best of the best materials, just do the best with what you have, and I'm sure you'll be proud of the outcome. I am, at least. That said, in the future, I may pay a visit to Luke's Store and get the materials to make this guy a real champ. This appearance is largely based on Mr. Freeze's Batman Beyond look. I didn't give him actual hands because I wanted it to appear that he had created the blaster around his hand (much like in Batman Beyond, though more battle-geared, as his hands were still visible in Batman Beyond). For those of you who are wondering (or haven't been able to figure it out), the chest piece is from a standard Cylon, as are the blasters on either hand (they're a cylon's hands with the actual hand parts cut off). The head is from a Red Cross promo, and the belt is from Kitty Pride (wave 13). The rest is from a Bad Apple Comics promo. Here's more pictures! The last pic is of him in his new home; my Batman display, for which he was created. You can also see a picture of my Dad and I on Expedition Everest. What a sweet ride. Well thanks for checking this guy out! I look forward to any comments, criticisms, or critiques that you guys are willing to offer. Thanks again, and God bless!
  8. Yeah, but while they're scalping Target, you go off to TRU. Like a ninja. A Ninja Mate. It's his birthday. Plenty of shout-outs are in order. And honestly, I miss the days where I could get Minimates at my local Target. I'm around a Target far more often then I am a TRU.
  9. My TRU is doing this now too, so I guess this is just standard now. Unless we all go to the same TRU. O_o And Happy Birthday, Ninja Mate =D
  10. I WANT A BIG WHEEL MINIMATE. WHERE'S MY BIG WHEEL MINIMATE. In all seriousness, though, I want an Alistair Smythe mate.
  11. I lol'd. And I love Star Wars.
  12. Honestly not a bad review, seeing as how new you are to reviewing figures like these. I enjoyed the review of the figures I haven't gotten a chance to get my hands on, and I agree with your ratings entirely. Only thing I can fault you on is that the Subway Ghost was from Ghostbusters 1 =P
  13. You all remind me of movie critics from a few years back who were absolutely convinced Daniel Craig would make a horrible James Bond. Therefore, I'm not going to make any judgments until I SEE the movie.
  14. Many many thanks for addressing the problem so quickly. Thanks, guys!
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