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  1. Custom Minimates Project

    I am "Iam_the_seeker" and have been saving money for some time so that I could bid generously for these little works of art. That being said, I strongly encourage everyone to bid aggressively for these since each one is "one of a kind" and they all benefit such worthy causes. I'm sure I'll be outbid, and would be very (okay only mildly) disappointed if I'm not!
  2. free mates from DST out of the blue?!?!

    I also received one of these very generous packages today from DST. The funny thing is that I've been so busy of late that I hadn't seen or heard anything about these "care packages" yet. I'm awaiting the replacement hair-pieces from my two Rocky sets, and assumed that was what the package contained. What a surprise! Thanks DST so much for thinking of us fans.
  3. Custom Minimates Project

    First of all I need to apologize for my lack of commentary regarding this project thus far. Life around my household has been hectic to say the least. So apologies to all those who have already worked so hard to make this project a success. The pieces thus far have been extremely creative and breath taking. If my wallet could afford it I would aggressively pursue them all for my personal collection, so credit where it is due. You all have done incredible work. My ghost is nearly done (the last coat of sealer has just been applied), so I hope to have pics of him up this evening. Not as awe-inspiring as I had hoped, and given the present company he'll be sharing I feel even less impressed by my own work, but I made the commitment to charity and will see it through. Anyway, just wanted to congratulate those who have already done so much for this project, including those who have done so much legwork just making this a reality. Here's hoping we can really make a good showing in the end. EDITED: OKay, so thie pic is here sooner than I expected. Anyway here is my portion of the project: The graveyard ghost. He rattles his deathly chains and wanders the cemetary at night. He includes (as you can see in the picture) a customized display base, ghostly chain and, as an added feature, glow in the dark paint.
  4. Custom Minimates Project

    I think Shane's idea of Toys for Tots is a brilliant suggestion, however I think the timing may be off. How about we consider planning a second (later) one of these with a different theme which could benefit Toys for Tots? I think the monster theme will sell better prior to Halloween and doesn't quite fit with the "child-like" association most people have with Toys for Tots.
  5. Newaddict's Customs

    You know I've never thought about it, to tell the truth. I've never considered my customs good enough to sell. I guess it would depend on the availability of the necessary part/pieces needed to replicate what I've done before. If and when I'm ever able to finish the group, I will sit down and get you an answer. Sorry I can't say anything more concrete, but thanks for the compliment though!
  6. My Rookie Custom Jobs

    Personally I use Acrylic paint. I use either Games Workshop paints or Testors Acrylics mostly. As to the fine detail, I learned the toothpick technique on this very board. That and extra fine point permanent markers work well for things too small to paint. I know more than a few people here also use water slide decals which they print off themselves.
  7. My Rookie Custom Jobs

    Like TBT, I'm impressed with the metallic ones, and would like to see more in the future. For your first attempts they look good. Everyone starts somewhere and with each additional custom you work on you learn and develop new skills/understanding/ideas which help with the customs that come afterward. I know that when I started customizing minimates, I'd already tried my hand at customizing many different types of figures over the years. When I look back on some of my earliest, yes it's true they were rough and in no way compare to what I do now, yet I'm proud of taking those first steps and I wouldn't be where I am today had I not taken those first steps. Enjoy these first steps and learn from them. And remember, it's about the journey, not the destination. Take your time and enjoy the process.
  8. Newaddict's Customs

    Queen is up today in the Batman Beyond Section. Hope to have Jack finished by early next week. Also, I'm starting to plan my next set of Batman Beyond customs (since I'm not making any headway on my final few Runaways ) so if anyone has any requests of specific Batman Beyond villains or characters, let me know and I'll see if I can make that happen.
  9. Newaddict's Customs

    Quick update: I've added King from the Royal Flush Gang (from Batman Beyond). Still working on Queen and Jack, so hopefully the group will be together soon.
  10. The Villain-Mates Custom Contest!!!

    It was an amazing contest and an amazing group of entries. Congrats to all who won, and to all who participated. Thanks also to JL for all his hard work.
  11. Newaddict's Customs

    Updated again today 5/30/07 with a new section of Batman Beyond customs. Included are my older, existing Blight and two new mates: Ace and Ten from the Royal Flush Gang. King, Queen and Jack are (hopefully) forthcoming in the next few days, as soon as some sculpted pieces are finished. As always thoughts and comments are appreciated.
  12. Donation Drive!

    You have my support. Well worth every penny. I just wish it could be more.
  13. Jcastick's Customs

    Well once again you wow us with something really well excecuted. And by the way, somehow I missed Tron before but I love that one as well. If you ever think about letting that one go, let me know!
  14. Well, inspired by the fun you all seem to be having I threw together a few of my own. I know one is directly modelled after TBT's Relic (liked it too much not to make one similar) but the rest I believe are fairly unique. Haven't come up with all the names or bios yet, but maybe soon. Here's what I have come up with so far: (l to r)Yet unnammed adventurer, Gentleman Jack and Razor Gentleman Jack is perhaps the most gruesome murderer since Jack the Ripper. Some say he has modelled his "craft" after his namesake but others insist that the two are, in fact, one in the same. Polite and well spoken, right up till the moment his kills you. Razor is enigmatic at best. Her face and youth convey a flase sense of innocence and compassion. She is a master of all balde weapons and seems hell bent on bringing Gentleman Jack to the justice only a knife point can dispense. (l to r) Cobalt Kid and Pistol Cobalt Kid claims to be from the far off future, sent back to "observe" history as it happens, however he seems more often than not shocked by events as they play out suggesting he either has no prior knowledge of these events or is not in fact from and future time. He does possess a multitude of sophisticated equipment which aid him in his "studies." Most resently he has joined up with Razor in the pursuit of Gentleman Jack claiming "events as epic as these are not to be missed!" Pistol is ?
  15. Newaddict's Customs

    Updated today (May 23, 2007) with my Villains Contest entry: The Vulture (in the villains section).