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  1. I stealthed my way through Crysis 3 last week. That bow is so unbelievably satisfying to me. I haven't played the first one but it's on my Xbox and I'm going to be getting to it sometime soon. I enjoyed 2, but I have no real lasting memory of it, so I might go back to it at some point. And no problem Ady. I need to clear out inventory space on my characters anyways, so if it wasn't giving stuff to you and other people I'd just sell it for money that doesn't really matter anyways. So I'll see you when I see you.
  2. I have come to love the Harold, really. But I have a spare bee and shock conference call so next time I see you playing I'll just hop in your game and dump them to you. I don't really need the Yellow Jacket. I played around with it for a bit and it's not really the kind of gun I would use much. Plus my other characters will get there eventually and I'll get one then.
  3. Conference call, bee, thunderball fists I can do easy. Only yellow jacket I have gotten at this point was lvl 34 and I don't think I have it anymore. I have never seen a shock norfleet, but I imagine that would be neat. I've been meaning to go after a storm front so maybe I'll do that and get a couple (got a low level one on normal mode and it seemed cool. If you don't have one I might also suggest a black hole shield. I have a friend who runs a pretty serious electric Mechromancer and he loves that thing for her. EDIT: apparently my thunderball fists are AWOL, so poo for that, but I might have something you could use as a suitable replacement.
  4. I have been watching it since it started and while I do enjoy it enough for what it is, it's not exactly my favorite show on tv, but some of the guest actors have been a lot of fun. I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks back and watching the episode where they reveal the guy from Spartacus and all I said to his was "Huh, I'm pretty sure I've seen _______ naked." (character named omitted for spoiler stuff or whatever) and he just laughed at me. Otherwise it's a fun enough show to watch.
  5. I got Soundblaster first (by maybe 2 days) because there was only one of him and a few Soundwaves. I went back later to find one Soundwave so I got him and the Ravage and Rumble disc set too. Going back for Frenzy and Ratbat soon as I get a free minute when stores are open and I'm not exhausted. They're pretty simple little guys, but I like having them.
  6. They just sort of got purchased the other day, and this thread is far too inactive.
  7. This may sound shady, but what do you need? I got... well, a lot of stuff.
  8. Hey Dinobot, look. I can take pictures of transformers too. And now, because it's me, silliness.
  9. Thanks everyone. And a happy birthday to BHM. My day has been great and I hope his has as well. I appreciate all the kind words.
  10. Happy birthdays, gentlemen. Top hats for everyone.
  11. Well I did do that one for the big OMAC fight a while back, but A) I didn't put enough time into so it's choppy and No one really seemed to like the idea. I would actually prefer to have things as a video file that could be clicked on to load so that it's just one thing in a post and each page doesn't take forever to load, but I'm just not knowledgeable enough. I may need to actually learn some stuff.
  12. Have you? I have thought about it, but never in a serious manner. I don't know that I would have the time.
  13. Sooo, just noticed there was about 5 frames missing from the middle of the fight. Fixed that now. My apologies to anyone who didn't understand how Sunfire got across the room.
  14. So, I've been away for a couple of weeks. This is not the website I remember. But hey, one thing you can always count on: violence.
  15. For me it's all about the action. I love minimates just for their simplicity, but more than anything I love to see just how far I can push the articulation. I do this with all the figures I get, and while there are a lot out there that are way more articulated than minimates, when you really get to doing stuff with them, they might be posed right, but they get to be too bulky and then they just don't look good no matter how accurate they are. I've almost never had that kind of issue with minimates.
  16. Welcome to the club, yb. I got rid of cable over 6 years ago. I get all my tv online through streaming services and stuff, and I have never regretted it.
  17. A couple weeks ago I picked up Saint's Row the third and I love it immensely. Sain't Row 2 was one of my favorite games for a long time and this one is even better and so much more fun. And then at some point I need to go back and finish Assassin's Creed 3 and Spartan Ops for Halo 4 and FarCry 3. Of those, surprisingly FarCry 3 immediately jumped to the too of my favorites list. If it weren't for Borderlands 2, FarCry would absolutely be the best game I've played this. It probably is the best game I've played this year, but I'm biased towards Borderlands. And new DLC for that in two weeks is also going to be great fun. I have a lot of stuff to play. And of course anytime I don't know what to play there's Minecraft sitting there and I'll play that damn thing for an entire day before I even do anything of signifigant purpose. Minecraft is awesome.
  18. Happy New Year everyone! Let's start 2013 off the right way. WITH VIOLENCE!
  19. The second disc installs not only war games, but also spartan ops. It doesn't function as anything but an installer. That way you get way more content but only ever need to mange one disc if you want to play everything. It's a good idea as far as I'm concerned, though it does eat up a lot of hard drive space, especially if you install disc 1 as well.
  20. Sue Storm. Or a Stealth ODST depending on which side you're looking at.
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