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  1. Not to start more drama... Those are their character models from SFIV. Ken does have straight cut gi's, while Ryu has frayed edges. Although it appears SFIV was the first time this actually occurred. They are also portrayed this way in SFxT. Carry on.
  2. I'm going to have to disagree. I really think the whole basis of Bane - especially in his appearance during Knightfall - was all about the fact that he was this guy who was a physical match for Batman, even WITHOUT the Venom, as well as an intellectual match. Nobody else in Batman's gallery of rogues really meets him on both sides. The Venom is just this super-comic-book-y thing that pushes Bane over the edge so that he is STRONGER than Batman. However, if, in the movie, Bane is FAR stronger than Batman without the need of the Venom, why include the Venom? What purpose would it serve? You still have Bane, the super-strong, super intelligent mercenary. Sure, he doesn't wear a luchadore outfit, but that costume was always extremely silly and not in the least bit intimidating. Costumes change in movies all the time. Nolan didn't want to give it away straight from the beginning that he was building this guy up to be the next Batman/Robin. There were definitely hints placed - knowing Batman's identity, growing up an orphan, his belief in people and doing good, etc. But if Nolan had just called him "Tim" or "Dick", everyone woulda been all "Oh, Robin. Gotcha". Now, instead, we can appreciate John Blake for what he was in the movie. If he had been called Tim or Dick in the movie, and never donned a cape or cowl, everybody would have thrown a fit. "What a waste of a character! Why even call him (insert your Robin of choices' name here)??" Nolan got to create his own character, whose personality is pulled from the comic book Robin's, while not having to limit himself. I'm not trying to pick on you on invalidate your opinions. Just giving my view on some of the points you have raised.
  3. Loved it. Like a friend of mine mentioned, the 2nd half was very Batman-lite, and I'm always upset when things like that happen in the last movie of a series. But it was still ridiculously epic. Bane was amazing, I honestly think he was on the same level as the Joker, despite what the critics have been saying to the contrary. I loved the contrast between his voice and his physical appearance. And during that no-holds-bar beat down he gave Batman, when his skin was peeling? Siiiiick. I didn't mind the nuclear explosion - I mean, really, makes sense when you want to quickly and efficiently destroy a city. Which seemed to fit Bane's mentality - quick, simple, brutal. He matched the Batman physically, and definitely mentally. Seeing him shot with a missile was kind of disappointing, but at least Batman kicked his ass immediately prior to that. And I really hope people aren't getting their hopes up about Blake. While we can look at Nolan's and Bale's comments as misleading ("This is the end of our BATMAN story" - not necessarily their Robin/Nightwing story), I do believe that's the end of the Nolan universe. Maybe Blake will show up as the new Batman in the JLA crossover? I dunno. But I think it was more meant to be an epilogue type thing. "And the adventures continued..." type of deal.
  4. So I know it's been less than a week since the Con, but has anybody had problems with the Thundercats logo rubbing off of Lion-O's belt? I was just moving him around yesterday and my thumb rubbed across his belt, and the WHOLE DAMN LOGO came with it! I have not had a problem with paint coming off that easily since the first Captain America figures' scales rubbed off while playing with him. Seriously, seriously perturbed right now.
  5. Yep, my birthday is the 21st and I turn 46 and my boy turns 3 on the 2nd. I've got to say this license has me jazzed about Mates. This, along with hearing about Kang and Alpha Flight finally getting made makes me want to play catch up. Hey, my birthday is on the 21st as well, and I turn 22! But yeah. Way excited about Thundercats. I'm even wearing my Thundercats shirt today!
  6. If they release another box for SDCC, it would make sense that it would consist of Sasquatch, Snowbird, Aurora, and Shaman. And if they did, these two boxes would easily be the most exciting things I've bought in a looooong time. Alpha Flight and their Maple Leaf motif are one of my most favourite teams in all of comic book history. EDIT: Also, did anybody notice Marina's strange new hands?
  7. Went to my TRU today, found the Spider-Man/Punisher and Daredevil/Kingpin packs, but both "exclusives" were missing, and the Spider-Man movie sets were missing the exclusive packs. Damn scalpers... Or patrons...
  8. Got my order in the other day. Really nice figures all around. This Spider-Man is basically a perfect minimate. I'm in love. It even got my little brother (8) to save up and make me buy him a pack.
  9. Well, the last part about the cave art - I'm pretty sure it was the humans who made that art. Not the Engineers. The Engineers just kinda showed up, humans were the ones who made the illustrations.
  10. That underneath-Iron Man is pretty awesome. Like, really awesome. I love him. And Scarlet Witch is perfect. Also, Cyclop's flame bird chest piece is just sick! I love Minimates, you guys.
  11. Yeah, I voted Protector because he's just neat looking. I'm going to hope for Scarlet Witch as well. I do like the designs of the Phoenix X-Men, so I definitely won't mind them. But the Colossus design sheet just looks super "meh", and that Iron Man looks a bit silly. So yeah, I'm hoping the set ends up being Protector, Scarlet Witch, Cyclops, and Emma. I don't mind that the costumes are temporary - I still think they're pretty neat. And if they turned whichever of these two loses into a two-pack, alongside a Namor/Magik two-pack, I'd be pretty stoked.
  12. I went Mandroids and HAMMER Agents. Really, to me, the whole point of army builders is to have the bad guys. Giant Robot things? Can always be subbed as bad-guys. And HAMMER Agents are just evil SHIELD agents! Voila!
  13. You know what the neat thing is about all the various versions of the big-hitters? Everybody can find/make one that is THEIR perfect version. At least, y'know, amongst this board where most of us buy multiple versions. Some people like small, unsculpted figures, so they can make a Hulk that matches that, for instance. Or some people, like me, personally prefer slip-masks, and so they can get a Spider-Man like that. Obviously, we can't really do that with some characters who only come along once. But I feel like DST has been doing a really good job at nailing those people down (Friends and Foes notwithstanding), so that it doesn't really feel necessary. And yeah, speaking as a guy whose little brother is obsessed with Minimates, I can tell you his favourites are always the big, name-brand guys. Spiderman, Wolverine, Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor... He doesn't care about Azazel or Secret Invasion Beast. They're too unfamiliar and strange. Obviously, not all kids are like that. But it's more fun to play with your favourites than somebody like Stilt Man, usually.
  14. Went Zemo and Wrecker. Zach has already stated a Wrecking Crew 4-Pack and a Wrecking Crew wave are NOT terribly likely, so again. Voting for something that's less likely to come around again later. And I mean... I just love Zemo. I just couldn't resist.
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