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  1. Hi! I'm Gonzalo, from Spain, I´m interested in your Iron Man Hulkbuster and Lockjaw minimates. Can you tell me how much for selling and shipping to Spain? Thanks!

  2. GOW3 Beta Rocks Shame it ends today
  3. Just finished Dragons age 2 Halo Reach :biggrin: Halo Wars Gonna go back and Play Mass Effect 2, I've just saved Jack but can't really remember what else i've got to do. Touched on playing ODST as well but didn't have the feel for it, maybe it'll come good???? i'm waiting for my GOW3 BETA code then I'll see, I'm rubbish at Halo Multiplayer (i'm only a warrant officer, but it doesn't stop me trying, and Donster, i got my rep hit by a SOB for telling him I'll grenade who i want to, and i'll snipe who i want to as well, i'm now a bad sportsman.......go figure
  4. Secret War, to go with the release of TRU wave 12 Captain America that way we can get wolverine, spidey and 2 others
  5. millions of years of evolution and selective genetic breeding??? wave looks great but i'm not lovin Thor at moment, but the both the Cap's, Armin Zola and Crossbones .....massive win DST way to bring me back in
  6. For me it's the X-force Cable, loved the character since he first turned up, thought that killing him off was a bit weird but as no-one stays dead in marvel comics (yes Bucky I'm looking at you, you, Jean Grey, Steve Rogers and the 400 other heroes that have died only to come back to life) i'll wait for his return and maybe DST will do a Cable through the ages pack
  7. Really sorry to hear that man, if theres anything a fellow UK'er can do...ask
  8. Currently playing through Dragons Age: Origins and loving it! I am also ensconced in Resi Evil 5 I have pre ordered DA2 just to get the Lion of orlais and the fearshader, the more i read and watch about it, i'm really looking forwards to it
  9. I know what you mean with Dragon AgeII, but I'll still give it a go
  10. Hi all, After 18 months of legal wranglings(?) with GAME about my defective xbox360 i finally have been paid the money for it and will be back on XboxLive my gamer tag is more of a description than a tag its bigfatchef
  11. 32 frikken times...... Not impressed
  12. Very nice pictures Nessex I wish I could take pictures of my customs as good as that
  13. Fantastic article Rad, The part about the CE testing and grey imports ring true for all UK minimate fans
  14. this'll be good for those still missing a Deadpool, not the wave 28 that everyone wants but still good enough
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