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    Battlestar Galactica is one of my biggest interests right now. I love my Xbox 360, when it's here. I love Minimates obviously, and have many more than I should.

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  1. The skin jobs all look amazing. I cannot wait to add them to my collection. The Cylons are kinda cool, but unneccessary to a long term collector, but make sense to add them for new customers. I'll have to wait and see which Lee I like better. I may swap the heads and hair. Starbuck shines out for me. She looks great, well the face not so much, but the hair and suit are cool.
  2. Wow! ME WANTEE! Does Cavil not come with his cloak and hat in the end then? My brother is currently in America so I may be able to get these from him, but if not I have a back up board member.
  3. So you have discovering spawn killing. It is the bane of Halo 3. Even the best players can do little about it. I had a game like that the other day, and I'm a very decent player (Commander Grade 3) and I was with with my friend of a similar level, and we just got owned. I fell out with Halo for a long while but am beginning to get back into it now, but I get cocky in my skill, which isn't what it used to be, and make silly mistakes so hopefully I'll get better again.
  4. Rad, the 'wings' on Iron Man's back are air-brakes, he uses them to quickly, well brake in the air. In the film he uses them while evading the F-22s.
  5. So I watched the final season of BSG over 2 days this week. My first thoughts. WOW! As has been said by others Red Stripe Cylons are a must as well as Colonial Marines. I wanna get some more Razor Cylons too though now.
  6. I do. I'd sooner see a more realistically proportioned (yet still adorably deformed) flyer with a hatch for Starbuck to pilot it and a Cylon army builder as a pack in that this abomination. I just can't get stoked about the Raiders when they look like this. The Vipers are fine though I wish the canopies hinged the right way. I'm not overly bothered about there being cylons as pilots. I have tons of Cylons as is but would welcome a couple more. And about the hinge, there is no 'right way' as viper cockpits slide open, not hinge anyway.
  7. Star Wars The Old Republic is not KOTOR 3. It's not classed as a sequel really I don't think. The first trailer for it was amazing, but I haven't seen any game info really but I'm very interested in it!
  8. I'm sorry, but these look like they could just be just another 24 boxed set, and we all know how well they sold. I haven't seen the movie and maybe its more iconic and popular than I give it credit for, but this rasies zero excitement in me.
  9. Yeah, on DVD. I was saving it until my exams were over, and now they are so a friend and I will be watching it tomorrow. I also think Colonial Marines are a must! I can't believe we haven't got them already. I also want an updated Helo, perhaps in officer unifor, because I think the head and hair looks nothing like him, I actually use that head for Hotdog with a Peter Parker emo hairpiece.
  10. I'd like to see a couple more pilots, in the new uniform design, I have about 15 regular pilots. I want Seelix, Racetrack and Skulls. I would also like some more deckhands in either orange or yellow. I am watching the whole of the final season tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have more characters and cylons that I want. Mk IIs are a serious must have!
  11. I am so thrilled by this news. I really hope we do see the planned 2 waves and Vipers and Raiders. I hope to see some modern Mk II Vipers, as I prefer them but I actually quite like the squashed cartoony look of the Mk VII's. I need to finish my skinjob collection!
  12. I'm not happy with all the mates in this wave, especially new Lee, but overall I am chuffed with this and will be getting all the cylons, skinjobs and chromes, and Bill Adama. I will of course need help from an american boardie for this, but I'm sure with you wonderful guys that won't be a problem.
  13. Unfortunately it does end there, unless you buy the DLC (can't remember the name) which seems like a bit of a rip to me, but I plan on getting it after my exams.
  14. I think you missed topic title gold of 'TRU ya gonna call?'
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