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  1. No luck finding wave 10 but wave 11 has dropped too! 


    Just found animated 1940s captain America with Peggy Carter and Superior Spider-Man with Peter Parker. 

    The other two sets were Doctor Octopus with Spider Girl and Black Panther with Shuri

  2. 7 minutes ago, thereasonsy said:

    This is just disgusting. If Walgreens and DST could be more transparent on distribution I feel like people wouldn’t be able to get away with this nonsense.

    I agree. I mean I am happy to see these showing up on eBay, that means more ppl are finding them. But these prices are not cool. 

  3. I too am a fan of the Quantum Suits. Like someone mentioned before me they are unique to the film and we’ll likely never see anything like it again. However I do wish we could get some of those final battle looks.

    My issue is with Walgreens (as usual). I have been to 5 stores all super close to home and they all went 2 weeks without having a single Minimate on the shelf. It gave me up that they got rid of all the old ones to make room for Endgame. Then over the weekend, instead of getting a new shipment of the newest wave, they filled up the pegs with Animated wave 8 and Thor Ragnarok! Not even Infinity War! How can that even be? 

  4. I saw the movie last night and I loved it! I do wish we could have gotten some other characters/looks but so much of the movie was a spoiler so I’m not surprised DST didn’t/couldn’t make certain looks. I would love to get a second wave though.

    If anyone has any luck finding an extra set of the Walgreens wave I would love to purchase them 👍🏻

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