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  1. I can definitely understand that for classic properties, but things like Arrow and Firefly seem like a poor fit for the style. I also think they're overpriced but that's a different matter. I wasn't trying to compare the two. It isn't in any way the same situation, I was just mentioning that his words mirrored my thoughts.
  2. Unrelated, but this was my thinking about the ReAction figures.
  3. Yeah, I definitely see where you're coming from. In Canada, you can only get minimates at an LCS.
  4. I don't think you should worry about them yet, as they haven't hit wide release.
  5. Yeah, muscle detailing is so inconsistent across the comic line that I just don't think they look out of place.
  6. I don't think we've seen this. Can anyone find it? EDIT: This still isn't all of it, though.
  7. The Incredibles? Ratatouille? One Man Band? Oh, that's a great accessory!
  8. Yeah, I just thought I'd make sure you knew. So far, the actual reveals have been: Marvel Walgreens Series 3 Predator Blind Bags Series 2 Cheshire Cat Vinimate Beetlejuice Vinimate Elf Vinimate Iron Giant Vinimate Iron Giant/Hogarth two pack Is that it for the show, or is there more?
  9. In a chat, Zach or Chuck said they were working on 1984 Ecto-1 and Janine. I don't know what the status of that is.
  10. Oh, that's right. I doubt it exists anymore, though. Should we start a new one?
  11. I wonder why Chibi Spidey doesn't have webs? He seems to have them in the show, and if he did he could have come with an alternate Spider-Ham head.
  12. I'm very excited for the IG set. They both look fantastic. I would have liked to have gotten Dean, at least, but I suppose there's limited appeal to non-Iron Giant Iron Giant characters (if that makes sense). The Walgreens wave looks fantastic too, even if it won't be available in Canada. With Falcon and Ant-Man, we've completed the main Avengers team. I believe our other unfinished teams from the animated universe are the Dark Avengers (we need Cap, Hulk, Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye), the Squadron Supreme/Sinister (we need Speed Demon and Doctor Spectrum), the original Ultimate Spider-Man team (we need White Tiger and Iron Fist), and the Web Warriors (we need Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham).
  13. Is there any possibility of an official "Silk list" for everyone who wants one, like the Spider-Gwen list? I imagine that would simplify things. I can't promise anything, but I will try. I'm interested to see the case packouts for this.
  14. My LCS should be getting these, and I'd be happy to get some extras for anyone who needs them at cost plus shipping or for trade.
  15. No, Chromedome is the exclusive and he's packed with Mikey.
  16. So we get Cheshire on every set's packaging, but the cat himself is TRU exclusive? I don't think the panel's started yet.
  17. What don't you like about it? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd just like to know your reasoning.
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