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  1. Oh, that's right. I doubt it exists anymore, though. Should we start a new one?
  2. I wonder why Chibi Spidey doesn't have webs? He seems to have them in the show, and if he did he could have come with an alternate Spider-Ham head.
  3. I'm very excited for the IG set. They both look fantastic. I would have liked to have gotten Dean, at least, but I suppose there's limited appeal to non-Iron Giant Iron Giant characters (if that makes sense). The Walgreens wave looks fantastic too, even if it won't be available in Canada. With Falcon and Ant-Man, we've completed the main Avengers team. I believe our other unfinished teams from the animated universe are the Dark Avengers (we need Cap, Hulk, Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye), the Squadron Supreme/Sinister (we need Speed Demon and Doctor Spectrum), the original Ultimate Spider-Man team (we need White Tiger and Iron Fist), and the Web Warriors (we need Spider-Girl and Spider-Ham).
  4. Is there any possibility of an official "Silk list" for everyone who wants one, like the Spider-Gwen list? I imagine that would simplify things. I can't promise anything, but I will try. I'm interested to see the case packouts for this.
  5. My LCS should be getting these, and I'd be happy to get some extras for anyone who needs them at cost plus shipping or for trade.
  6. No, Chromedome is the exclusive and he's packed with Mikey.
  7. So we get Cheshire on every set's packaging, but the cat himself is TRU exclusive? I don't think the panel's started yet.
  8. What don't you like about it? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd just like to know your reasoning.
  9. To be fair, it's a much more accurate representation of animated Spider-Man 2099, who has more recessed arm blades and no cape. I am biased since I have no love for the character, but I'd much rather get something else from the new Now! than his new look.
  10. It looks fantastic. Marvel's Netflix shows are, IMO, the best thing they're producing right now. My dream is a Runaways Netflix show, but that's not likely. As for this show, Cage just needs to say "sweet Christmas" at least once and put on a yellow shirt to make me happy. I don't know any of his villains, so it will be interesting to learn about them.
  11. Pff, if the MMMV were really bugged he'd be in a suit. Is Hasbro planning on releasing any tiger figures?
  12. Yes, but it doesn't have Wolverine's sculpted boots.
  13. Was it created during the stretch of time that was deleted from the database?
  14. IIRC, they both wear dark jackets, dark ties, and blue plaid shirts.
  15. I doubt it, as that would require new boot sculpts and IIRC she rarely uses them in her comic.
  16. I didn't mean that there wasn't anyone excited about him, just that it seemed like there was more interest before he was announced.
  17. An ANXM X-23 would be great, but she would need way too many alternate parts here, and she's unlikely to be released anywhere else. (Except, maybe, an X-Men "finish the team wave") From this wave, I'm definitely in for Tony, Laura, and Miles, and maybe Gwen and Flash. As I said pre-Purge, I'd be happy to try to find Silk for anyone who needs her.
  18. That's odd. The only minimate of mine with a slight crack at the shoulder is the latest 2015 Marty McFly, and that makes sense because I kept switching his chest blocks around.
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