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Holycrapholycrapholycrap!!! :jawdrop:

Dammit, i thought besides those minifig singles, iwas DONE with LEGO. An now, they FINALLY make more Harry Potter. And not from one movie, either.

The sets are from every movie. :yes:


More pictures and close-ups in the link. Hogwarts has EVERYTHING featured in EVERY movie. :happy:

EDIT: How could i forget the BEST PART?!?!?!


THE BURROW!!!!! :lol: With ALL Weasley's and Bellatrix.

And *i think Fenrir Greyback...*

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DAMMIT! I want that Hogwarts. I missed a Hogwarts every year. Now I WILL get me a Hogwarts. The others... depends on how much stuff makes it in there. Hall of Prophecy? Want. Graveyard? Want. Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom? Do not want. See what i mean?

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The stuff coming out this summer is pretty awesome looking. I dig the Return to the Forrest and Battle of Hogwarts sets. On the fence about Diagon Alley (more space issues than the cost). I'd probably grab the Knight Bus too.

I hope more than these 4 come out this year, maybe some more sets for X-mas and the dvd/bluray release.

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