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So there's a new forum up, titled MiniMates Central RSS. One to which I apparently don't have access. Which doesn't obother me in the slightest: if the mods or some one needs a backstage place to hang, fine.

My request is that you hide the forum if it's not available to all. It just bugs me to see the "new posts" symbol there and not be able to clear it. I like my forum browsing neat and tidy. :)

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Guys, that's an oops on behalf of the staff... the RSS threads were just brought back and there are obviously still some bumps that need to be worked out.

It's something that no one needs to see (or care about) and is simply the thread where Danny posts to give everyone with the appropriate RSS feeds news... It's really a non event to anyone but Danny...


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Like Tim said, the Minimates Central RSS thing is a way of allowing people with RSS feeds to know when MMC has been updated. It was part of this forum originally, then taken away when I stopped updating the site. It's back now but I didn't know people could see it.

It is NOT a place for me to bitch about everyone. I do that enough out in the open forums ;)

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