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How do I get to others blogs?

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Yeah, there used to be a link at the top but it disappeared last Thursday or Friday, I think.

Here's the link: Cherish it.

'Tis sad, all those poor abandoned blogs. They must be so lonely, with no one to look after them or take care of them. I wouldn't be surprised if any one of them turned to a life of crime. I can see it now, Luke's Words of Wisdom is standing at the corner convenience store with a .44 in his hand. All L-Double-Double (L-DubDub to his close friends) has to do is clean out the till and he'll finally be a full member of the Robba-Bloggas gang. Once he has their trust, he'll have it made.

But something goes wrong.

The idiotic clerk lunges toward L-DubDub. He fires. The shot narrowly misses the clerk, but the result is much more dire. The errant bullet shatters the front window, ricochets off a nearby shovel, and punctures the huge propane storage tank* outside.

They say you could see the fireball three miles away.

If somebody had only paid attention to little L-DubDub. :(

*This particular convenience store is located somewhere in rural Oklahoma.

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Do they take up room or anything? If so, off with em.

Well, yes they do, but nothing of any consequence. My peeve is that they have sat unread & un-updated. If they are not something folks use, then I don't want outdated crap just laying around. Its unecessary. But I am open to listen if anyone wants to push to keep them.

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