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Flea Market Cleanup In Progress


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~~NOTICE: All members need to update their lists~~

All lists need to have updated by date of 6/01/2014 or later OR THEY WILL BE DELETED! You have until April 15th, 2015 to update your lists. Be sure to check the rules for each list along with the'>Flea Market Policy thread.

So far the bumping/reposting of trade posts has been going well so we'll keep that policy going. Just be sure to remove your old post if you bump/repost (if we see two posts in a thread by the same member, the older one WILL BE DELETED).

If you have direct links in your signature to your trade/sell lists, THEY MAY CHANGE. With posts that will be removed, people reposting, the links are going to change for EVERYONE. So it may be best to link to the main trade thread instead of your specific post.

One last thing, EVERY POST MUST HAVE UPDATED DATE LINE. It would be nice to all have the same format & color but not absolutely required. Just keep it so it is easy to read and at the very top of your list.
Date format: color="#FF8C00", Bold
Updated XX-XX-XXXX

*'>WANTS and HAVES trade thread
*'>Want To Buy/Want To Sell Thread
*'>Parts Exchange

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