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Found 3 results

  1. So with the trailer just dropping, I thought I would do some speculation. Last time we got two boxsets for Antman. Maybe they could do a boxset and Toys R Us wave, not sure the lineup would be big enough for a Walgreen's assortment. Also it needs to be seen if Antman gets a figure in Infinity War's wave or will they save him for his own film. No need to double dip. Here's my guesses Antman Wasp Ghost Hank Pym Janet van Dyne Bill Foster Luis New Ant-thony? Maybe flashback versions of Janet and Hank?
  2. Lose the hood and that's actually my pajama/bathrobe combo! As for a Strange wave, I'm sure we'll not get any comic-based stuff close to the movie's release. But maybe next year we'll see some characters from his world throw in some "random" wave.
  3. So the other day, Warner Brothers announced that they would be making a movie based on a very deep video game franchise. The game in question has not even been out for a year, but it might be cool to see mates of them. I will not mention what game it is so I dont sound like a steryeotypical internet nerd. [(Hint: Think Rock-a-Fire) Your Welcome Karamazov] It will be produce by the guy that produced things like the Ring, Run all night, The new poltergeist, and the Grudge. If you know what it is, let me know what you think.
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