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  1. The Rock Monsters Are Pretty Sweet. Be Careful Though, The Gray Detail On The Main Body Segment Scratches Really Easy.
  2. Aw, that sucks. No ripped-chest prisoner then, too?? I honestly cannot wait for that Boat Chase set to come out. Elsa was by far my fav heroine/villain, and i wanted her ever since the Indy game...though without that horrid hairpiece; the new one is SOOOOO much better. Any word on when it is to come out and if the price is going down on it?? It seems too small to be around $40. Yeah. It's Not Quite A Complete Temple, But A Really Nice Looking Set. Lego tends to release new lines/waves twice a year. The first release comes at the start of the year (although sometimes they sneak sets out before that for christmas) and in July (those dates also happen to coincide with the big sales at lego stores). So we probably won't see any of that stuff until Summer. Also, It's possible that some of those sets may be TRU or Target Exclusives, But We Won't Know Until Later. The Only 09 Set I Know For A Fact That Is TRU Exclusive Right Now Is The Star Wars Mon Calamari Cruiser.
  3. No Problem. And yeah, the game was a horrible tease. The thing about that was the games release got delayed. TLG (The Lego Group) really underestimated the power of Batman in 08. But hey, that's life. Also, the Indiana Jones sets sell very well. There is some really cool stuff that's been shown off at Toyfair 09. Indiana Jones-wise, you can look forward to a South American Cemetery set from Crystal Skull, The Boat Chase From Last Crusade, And, wait for it....A Temple Of Doom Set With Mola Ram. That's Right Folks, Temple Of Doom. Altar of Kali Ma, Mine Carts, The Only Thing Missing Is A Lego Flaming Heart.
  4. The Chrome Vader is randomly inserted into various 2009 Lego Star Wars sets. There are 10,000 Chrome Vaders in both the US and Canada.
  5. Y. L B W O A V E T O L. W L B F C O, T R A L O B E S T W P A T S C (AFOLs H D S T G). T H P A L S O T-T L (I C R O H) L T T L G B S W A L O U B. W T R W C O, T M E S W T T A J I C T at 50.00 USD. P O T C F T N S W T M, T O P W T R O T G. T P W, T A G B O T P W, L D P T N T S H F T W. A D N W T L H N I O C T B L A 2008. Thanks For The Info Dux But That Posting Style....Hurts My Eyes. Is it coded? Off the top of my head I'd say "no". That is good information to have, Dux, thanks! Yeah. That's right. I have no code, just a strange habit of capitalizing the first letter in words when I post On Forums. And its no problem. I happen to work at a Lego Store so I can get info like that and would be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability. (NOTE: I WILL ANSWER NO QUESTION/PMs ABOUT ME BUYING OR SELLING LEGO SETS FOR OTHERS. I CANNOT LEGALLY SELL THEM, AND I CAN'T REALISTICALLY PURCHASE AND SHIP LEGO SETS OUT. ALSO, I CAN DIVULGE INFO ON NEW/SOON TO BE UPCOMING SETS, BUT ONLY FOR STUFF THAT'S COMING THIS YEAR (OR THE VAUGE DETAILS OF THE UPCOMING LEGO/DISNEY TEAM UP))
  6. Yes. Lego Batman Was Once A Very Easy To Obtain Line. When Lego Batman First Came Out, They Released A Lot Of Big Expensive Sets That Weren't Particularly Amazing To Standard Consumers (AFOLs However Did See Their Greatness). The High Prices And Low Sales On Two-Three Lines (I Can't Recall Off Hand) Led To The Lego Group Being Stuck With A Lot Of Unsold Batman. When The Recent Wave Came Out, The Most Expensive Set Was The Tumbler And Joker's Ice Cream Truck at 50.00 USD. Part Of The Clamour For These New Sets Was The Movie, The Other Part Was The Release Of The Game. The Problem Was, That After Getting Burnned On The Previous Waves, Lego Didn't Produce The Numbers They Should Have For This Wave. Another Down Note Was That Lego Had No Intention Of Continuing The Batman Liscense After 2008.
  7. All Those Sets Are Part Of The Clone Wars Sets. And All The Sets Are Horribly Over-Priced. The Only Exceptions Being The Clone Walker Battle Pack, The Assasin Droid Battle Pack And The Hyena Droid Bomber. The Battle Packs Are Only 9.99 (USD) And The Hyena Droid Is Only 19.99. If You Are Looking For Some Of The Guys Like Count Dooku, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Yoda, And A Couple Others, But You Don't Want To Buy The Whole Set, Then The Magnet Sets Are A Fantasic Option. The Newer Magnets Are 100% Honest To Goodness Mini-Figs That Clip Onto A Magnetic Brick. You Get Three Magnets For 14.99 (USD). There Are Four Different Sets In Star Wars, One In Indiana Jones, One In Spongebob (Upcoming Not Out Yet), One In Pirates (Upcoming), And One In City (Upcoming).
  8. Actually, It Was Aquaraiders. The Line You're Thinking Of Was Called Aqua Zone, It Featured Aqua Sharks, Hydronauts And Stingrays.
  9. Looks like somebodies in need of a Green Grocer to complete their street. Now I recognize the Creator House, the Market Street and The Cafe Corner, but what is the house in between the Creator House and Market Street?
  10. I gotta say, that its things like this that make steer away from Marvel. I mean...Marvel just makes my head hurt nowadays. Also, I can't stand that Spider-man and Wolverine seem to be everywhere in the marvel universe in like every book every month. Really all OMD did for Spider-man was show that he is a weak person who doesn't want change. I mean, I know that everything was crumbling around him what with Aunt May dying and all, but really, He needed to man up and deal with her death. Let it motivate him a little. Also, didn't they do the whole 'Back in Black' thing because of the Dark Times Peter was going through and the costume would reflect how he felt inside. If none of this happened, then what is his motivation for the dark mood? Also, they should have let JMS fix his mistake and delete the Goblin Twins from exsistance. I do like that they did away with the Organic webbing and brought back the web-shooters. That's about it. Other than that....why? what was the point? How does Peter grow if he has nothing to grow from? He's right back to where he was in the 70's. Hanging out with Harry and being Spider-man. I think that the marriage humanized him more. He had someone to share his life with. He had a reason to keep up with the protecting of people. Now? Now he's just a single guy who everyone hates. Plus, retconning certain characters and having the retcon effect only the events of their lives in the slightest ways but not having them effect the universe as a whole is really dumb.
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