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  1. Personally, my only interest display-wise is Blue and Yellow Banshee, but... If we are getting the Blue and Yellow bodies anyhow, it would seem to make sense to release Banshee with the original colors and essentially get a two-fer I sadly agree even though the thought of no X-Men minimates for almost a year makes me want to cry myself to sleep.
  2. Me either. That is the only thing that makes sense for the X-men cartoon cancelation.
  3. Holy Oprah these are amazing! How did you make them?
  4. selfishly the only way this affects me is if there are no Inhumans. I want my Crystal!
  5. I just can't keep building my hopes up. Soon we shall know.
  6. I was able to get in there and get Jean/Scott and weirdly Bobby/Sentinal but didn't see anyone else. I am also the devil though so I basically threw the spare heads on my uniform X-Men in the Danger Room and am waiting to display the others until I find Iceman, Warren and Hank.
  7. Well maybe if we can get the Foes to sell out at Luke's then maybe we can do a kickstarter for the X-Factor minimates.
  8. UGH you are breaking my heart! I would love this so much it freaking hurts.
  9. Jean is dead as well... just saying...
  10. Quoted for Truth! The speculation game wears me out. But I'll just say... how 'bout the X-Men vs the Imperial Guard? Maybe a Death of Phoenix wave, with Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean's wearing her green skirt costume in that issue), Wolverine and... I dunno, Angel? Vs. Gladiator and three other Guardsmen? Wolverine in the Fang costume perhaps? I could get behind this.
  11. In honor of the premire, I have busted out my Agents customs.
  12. More annoying would be getting Banshee only to find out its in the horsemen colors. Why are we putting this out there in the universe!!! Delete Delete DELETE.
  13. From the TRU 19 thread... thought this would be interesting! speculation please continue.
  14. The man is basically a Kevin Bacon in the MU.
  15. Thanks but that old kraven really needs a rerelease, that was a great figure i started collecting a little to late for Well done and Welcome!
  16. I am not much of an A-List character fan but I have to say I love this wave and how they announced it. Most of these are packs I only want one character but that's life. I need more Sentinels for the Danger Room so will pick up that set. If I ever get to SEE the GOTG figures I would display Iron Man there but would buy this purely for Ronan. We are just two off then from having The Annihilators. As for Quicksilver and Vision. I had forgotten my classic Vision was a custom. Lame I know. Still would want this set since I feel like Pietro can use an update and hoping for an X-Factor presence in 60. I may rotate out Visions but will wait to see. Either way he is a great looking figure I'm just not a huge Vision fan to display multiples. Mysterio I missed out on the first time and I will be buying two just to make an Orb as well. Spidey is just there as usual.
  17. So far we have GOTG Iron Man / Ronan Spidey / Mysterio Wolvie (new costume) /Sentinel Quicksilver / Redo is all that is left.
  18. STOP. JUST. STOP. My heart could not take it if we got a Crystal and my emotions cannot be toyed with.
  19. To be fair, I am really excited about Mysterio since I missed out the first time.
  20. Good luck on those: Though Beast isn't terrible: Thankfully I am just looking for a trench coat since I like AOA Gambit's hair better. Nerdy, what version of Beast do you got?
  21. I agree there may be something cool about a marvel select figure at a Minimate size and a Minimate figure at a Marvel select size. Although with my luck they will be either: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cap, Wolvie or Hulk. None of these things solving my Sentinel or Giant-Man issues.
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