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  1. I'd say they were similar in respect of no limb-joints . I think the heads are longer & the legs are shorter,the hands are different & there are no tell-tale holes on the top of the feet.  The Disney kubricks (7 waves ) had kubrick style feet,legs,arms & hands ,most everything else is unique moulded heads ,bodies etc. & look nothing like typical kubricks.

    These Adventurer figures are perhaps what many people think of as 'typical kubricks' :no: 

  2. A valid point although I question most ?    

    Leg articulation (with Minimates in general) is a sore subject with me , so many minimates have separate feet parts  for almost no reason at all ( unless you want to pose the feet 'a la penguin' or Charlie Chaplin .....whilst many others have rigid 'bootlike' appendages which are totally inarticulate ( TMNT /Iron Man etc.etc.) !?

    Then there's the Minimate knee joint that will only bend 90 degrees .....a gentle redesign to increase the angle would make so much difference to poseability but it seems like I'm the only person that it bothers. 


  3. I'm not sure whether I can voice a supportive voice..or not... for the Shang-Chi movie & subsequent Minimates  .  

    It's been fairly obvious...leastways from my perspective ....that DST's Minimate direction has been completely rudderless for somewhile f@cking years. 



  4. 37 minutes ago, elhonez said:

    Are rights show- and movie-specific (a la carte), or does DST have the rights to produce Minis for any MCU movie? An MCU retrospective line with heavy hitters & old missed opportunities could have some legs.

    I yearn for a 'Demon in a bottle' Iron Man minimate ......whether or not he could be classed as a 'missed opportunity' is debatable but he was... :rimshot:.....generally legless.

    Great comic run.

  5. We'll see whether or not my new openness is going to be a good idea or not .

    I have an Elf Spock army which,when decanted from their life-support baggies, are ready to take on just about anybody "boldly going" .  How big is the army ? :blush:   

  6. It's honestly OK Zach :yes:  I'm actually moving to the lake , in a house that I've been building for the last 2 years . I'm actually getting quite good at it now.  Mon Repos.

    If I appear egocentric ...Amen ! That however isn't my goal , ICGAF about being officially associated with this dream box set but if I'm paying I'm choosing... with an awful lot of help from my friends (or foes) ....Chef Duff got his way so why can't I .




  7. Thanks for the candid reply, please note that I am serious about this ,so I'll remind you  that I'm not 12 years old & that I am quite aware that the market for my Minimates set would be the US & not the UK .  :rolleyes:  I'm a fan-boy not fucking stupid.

    I have no e-tailer warehouse & no barn but I've just sold (a barn) again so, for a little while, I am fairly rich & still not stupid. :thumbsup:  

    Luke would undoubtedly be my first port of call , I think he would take me seriously bearing in mind that he has supplied me with a case of every box set ever made & 4 cases of every wave of nigh on every line that DST has ever produced.

    That might imply that I actually am stupid.


    Perhaps now is the time to say that I have at the very least 6 unopened packs of every production Minimate ever made.

    Now that is stupid .:yes:

    I also have others:blink:

    I would be more than happy to sponsor ( right word? ) my own choice of Minimates , it will be cheaper than buying  dozens of sets from some of the woeful releases that I've found myself enduring over the years . My choice nobody forced me.

    I'm sorry I picked on such a difficult idea for my re-run figure , heaven forbid us some new tooling for a 12 year old Minimate's helmet :sarcasm-1: .  If a yellow painted Minimate with a newly-tooled' helmet is going to be a hurdle then I am beginning to see what I'm up against!  

    So let's start again ........



  8. 8 hours ago, MisterPL said:

    I imagine that would depend on how much your villains would cost. Are we talking lots of new tooling or just printing?

    Inevitably tooling influences choice but I see no real reason to hold back too much , this is about achieving a small dream rather than a huge profit .  My 'actual' dream-list of Marvel Minimate characters would include,for example, a 'Mimic' but he's unlikely to be saleable enough .....this is about achieving a small dream rather than losing my shirt:rolleyes:

    I've mentioned the AIM guy, I honestly feel that that one character is simple enough & saleable . Tooling-minimal . 

    The 2nd. character I'd want is, coincidentally in many ways , The Super Adaptoid who is undoubtedly my most wanted Minimate .  Tooling obviously exists, just buy in a can or two of green paint & off we go. 

    So far so good ? One compromise ,one grail ,little or no tooling .

    The 3rd. character is the hardest choice because it might define a theme , it seems that a theme is essential .....but this is a fan-boy box-set so in many ways I may want to change my mind ..... MODOK is the commercial decision but I'm not sure. 



  9. Some of my favourite villains would come with 'my' wishlist box set , I have a long-term wish to be involved in a fan-boy (albeit old fan-boy) box set .  I'd invest $$$ but i get to pick the figures & only one would be a re-run ... an AIM guy ....obviously.      Seems a bit harsh to me that Luke had to sign up for 3000 sets now that a 1000 run, SDCC exclusive has been announced !   

    Zach ,should I now be encouraged to formally pursue a 1000 run fan-boy box-set ?


  10. Mute button !  All this time &.....who knew ?   

    I'm smiling broadly as I recall several or two incidents where I have lost my patience with Minimates, DST officials, fellow-members being pricks , fellow-members implying that I might be a prick(the very thought ?),other pricks * , Moderators (....obviously not TBT), the weather , unpainted FF characters , flavour of the day Gold promos, *Digger, occasionally myself & just about anything I fancy moaning about.

    I've actually spent hours typing (with my regulatory 2 fingers),my generally, venomously witty ,often hilariously sarcastic, responses to the occasionally half-witted numpty who has rattled my cage with some inane banal drivel ................only to find it all gone AWOL the following day .  Deleted from history .:D   

    My point ?  I wouldn't change a thing .



    buttheadsmute ?:no: 



  11. thereasonsy :  

    Zach doesn't make the choice of figures , he is the guy that delivers the news .  You know that, as do I & I was, perhaps,remembering ourselves, to not shoot the messenger.:thumbsup:    


    I looked back on Zach's post &, from where I sit ,the 'expectation', his expectation ....was expected :D  


  12. 3 hours ago, thereasonsy said:

    Hope those that want them got them and those that want exclusive to mean exclusive… I will see you at the bar. We can chat about when we got exclusives that weren’t available anywhere else like them dirty new muties, AOA, or even the “horrible” selling Alpha Flight. 


    I had my second jab yesterday & that might be slowing me down :( , I generally spot sarcasm but I am genuinely unsure what you are saying . I'm also aware that I am also perceived as being sarcastic , I can be ....& I'm not in this instance.

    So here's the question ....are you saying that SDCC exclusives have been historically hard to get hold of ...or are you saying that IYO they weren't particularly elusive?  

    I was going to PM question to you but if we all did that then there'd be no forum would there ?



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