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  1. I know ....I know...I'm always playing the 'kubrick comparison card' but I need to say that Medicom made less than 40 odd Marvel characters . That's a tiny amount of characters & I'd have to say that very few were outstanding minifigures unless you mention that 2 of them were Spider-Ham & Venom-Ham whilst another was Venom-Punisher !!!!!  Who wouldn't want those characters ....apart from DST High Command.


    Spock's beard.

    Khartoum's head .

    Khartoum's head ?   A bit like John Wick's dog , a character from a Minimate licence that should have been made but wasn't .


  2. On 9/12/2022 at 4:19 PM, Mattallica said:

    Especially when they actually created a new head for him anyway!

    did  kubricks ever do TMNT?

    bet they had sculpted heads

    No TMNT kubricks . 

    12 hours ago, Mattallica said:

    and how many of those 1000% do you own?

    None of the Crow unfortunately . I'd love one but out of my league ($1500-2000??).

    I do however have a 2 feet tall Andy Warhol 1000% which guessed totally bizarre ...but far & away the best (unknowingly)  'investment' I ever made . 

  3. Rhodey War Machine , Alleygator Loki (who knew??)  ,Warpath , Deathwalk & U.S. Agent (John Walker)  .


    Please note my new address : TRN012  Dan Bi Crescent.



  4. 23 hours ago, DSTZach said:

    84 is street level. Lots of fun, I think.

    Street level ?

    Immediately I thought of Trails of Suspense characters but that was a dead end .

  5. 7 hours ago, elhonez said:

    I do wonder why Kubricks just suddenly stopped without ceremony. Add another headstone to the brick fig graveyard.

    I have no answer to that . 

    They have not completely ceased production, the latest offering was a single-packed figure sponsored by the US 'Supreme' brand featuring 'The Crow' . In fact there were 2 offerings ,one standard '100%' kubrick & a massive '1000%' version with a massive price-tag .  I know little of the 'Supreme' brand but I know that they themed,several years ago, one other kubrick,  a Supreme t-shirted 'Kermit' . That regularly sells on ebay for over $250 which ,to me, is quite bizarre . Bizarre is a word often used when I discuss kubricks . 

  6. As a completist (= nutjob needing help) I have accumulated several 'alternatively' packaged production minimates . The first that come to mind are those ' Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD pack-ins '  , totally worthless to everybody except nutters like me . I do however love the fact that the actual minimates 'packed-in' are subtly different to their mainstream counterparts . Ivan's Database categorises many other oddities , I spent years chasing the French language Canadian Multilingual packages ...I have them all & if you ask me to find them & show you  them would take weeks but I have them . Lord of the Rings (French) ? Yep. I could go on . 

    Packaging mess-ups ? They're mess-ups & should have been consigned to the bin ........I'm an ex-packaging printer BTW.:rolleyes:

  7. Kermit = epic fail .  I've said it somewhere before but who on earth would produce a toy ,representing one of the most iconic 'hand puppets'  of all time with just a painted mouth ???  DST would .




  8. Kubrick collectors enjoyed 3 series of Kelloggs' characters* & it took me several years to finally attain the final pair of 'secrets' . One is a Puffa Puffa Rice kubrick ,which was in fact a bearbrick .  I had often seen that bearbrick  on ebay yet never twigged it was a 'kubrick' ....if you see what I mean ?  

    The other secret that I had big trouble finding is the secret 'K' which must be amongst the weirdest 'mini-figures' in any line, anywhere , a big red 'K' which is, believe it or not ,articulated?  

    Despite their faults, kubricks always used sculpted heads where necessary & to great effect. Looking at those proto Kelloggs Minimates I can only give my humble opinion that they fail miserably, especially when compared with the kubrick production items .

    *lots of tigers as well 

  9. As a collector of Minimates I have often 'ridden' the light inoffensive abuse that my other collectables get from Minimate collectors.  Palz & kubricks are generally disliked by many , I accept that but it is odd when both lines have massive similarities (with minimates) & definitely inspired their creation.  Personally I (generally) detest Lego mini-figures but even I have one or two that I covet notably an SDCC Batman promo 2 set.  So I have always understood the ambivalence /dislike.

    I've never bought a Minimate in a TRU, Target , Walmart or any other 'physical' store so ,for me, I just love being a collector of a such a niche product  .  What is hard to take is that for many many years the 'powers that be' seemed to relish the fact that Minimate collectors had to hunt for them rather than just buy them . That ,for sure, killed Minimate passion for many people here .....or that were here <_< 


  10. 95 Spider-Man Minimates & you want the best ? Best o'luck with that. 

    Me ? Almost 20 years on & Wave 2 Spider-Man (Black) is IMHO not only the best Spider-Man but nigh on the best  Minimate . 2nd. would be (strangely enough considering your choices ) the Black SM3 Wizard version .    

    Unfortunately 'the best' SM Minimate should also have the Silver SM considered . A promo ,a gift, overpriced & beautiful.

    Either of the `Heroic Age' versions should also be considered .


  11. So many licences ....odd ones ?  To-Fu has to be the oddest but there are many odd anime licenses.


    Fairly odd................... Beatles , Neon Genesis, Moomin, Ponkikis,Rody Gymnic = strange ........... there're  many other 'good' one's :

    Snoopy,Smurfs,Spawn,Woody Woodpecker,Tron 

    ......& of course lesser known licences like Star Wars , Planet of the Apes,Metal Gear Solid ,Lost,Lupin,Harry Potter  & Toy Story which would make shit Minimates :rolleyes:

  12. 12 hours ago, cylonchaney said:

    For the love of God, NO!

    I need to save for retirement and don't have that many years left.

    Allegedly I am 'retired ' but even I* would go without heat & food for Star Wars minimates ..... I previously did for Star Wars kubricks . I'm not going without beer though.


    7 hours ago, Navaan said:

    Yeah this would be killer to my shelf space... and yet...

    Great for heat insulation.




    * a non-Star Wars fan

  13. I got to see these in the flesh today & I was well-impressed especially Thing ... 

    A lovely box set , a classic in the making ....if only there was a Marvel character called Velcro :unsure: 


  14. I get no pleasure in saying that they will be hard to find in the US .

    As a collector from the UK I think I'm well-qualified to know what has been hard to find over the years . WG 'mates ,from the beginning, were elusive & remained so until their demise. 

    The UK market is awash with the last waves am I :unsure:

    I applaud Zach's gesture.



  15. 3 hours ago, hellpop said:

    ....................and that they finally added some black to the Thing's rocky bits. I don't really get the deal with the all black Silver Surfer...... 

    Surfer =  Knulled  . 


    Thing ?  13th version & nearly there ......very very good but ....

  16. Very bad news if you are in the midst of any of their partworks/collections :unsure:

    I collected the Doctor Who figurines , coming in late a 2 or 3 years ago, after buying up a couple of collections from lapsed collectors.  I've still spent a small fortune on keeping them up together but this news will be a bombshell for anybody following the part-works .  

    There's whispers of some sort of restructure of the group but, more to the point, they apparently owed the Chinese manufacturers big money. 

    Truth is that they were a shite company to deal with in all respects. I'm not notorious for my patience but 'Eaglemoss' knew how to bring the worst out in me .


    Their products however were generally pretty special ....especially if they arrived unbroken ,which was rare, consequently I have become adept at super- gluing appendages back onto Eaglemoss daleks .      I am also pretty good at ungluing my finger & thumb .

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