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  1. GTA V does look fantastic. One of those games where you just get so adsorbed in it and don't want to put it down, but I have way too much on my plate video game wise. I have this horrible habit of starting and not finishing games, as well as getting into a series only to put off playing the sequel for way too long. I still have to beat Silent Hill, and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, games that I recently put off in favor of the amazing Pikmin 3. I bought Killer Is Dead, but am refusing to play it until I beat other games first. I also want to pick up Pokemon White, which I never got, in anticipation for X&Y, and the Wonderful 101 looks amazing. Hell, I haven't beat any of the old GTAs, and there are tons of sandbox games I haven't played yet as I got my PS3 a few years into it's lifespan. I'm also a bit hesitant to pick up an AAA game that will probably have lots of DLC at launch, since a "complete edition" is inevitable. Metal Gear Rising, Killer Is Dead and The Wonderful 101 are all games I don't mind buying at launch, as those companies are a bit on the smaller side and don't tend to make as much money, same went for Pikmin 3 as I wanted show my support for that series, but I really doubt Rockstar or GTA is in that much need for my support. I've heard a lot of people praise SR 2 over 3, how does 4 stand in relation to that?
  2. In moments like these, I think there's a point where you need to step back and say, "We're arguing about toys" and take into consideration that the people involved almost all have icons of toys or comic characters, or toys of comic characters, or better yet, a tiny miniature toy version of themselves, and realize that this is all a little silly, and there's no need to be so upset.
  3. Ah, I must confess that I'm quite behind on recent releases. By the way Zack, I've spoken to you a few times at the past few NYCCs and can't shake the feeling I came across as a bit annoying. I grew up reading Toyfare, so seeing those muttonchops in person left a bit awestruck. My sincerest apologies if you have any bad memories involving an over excited teenager with a beard at the DST booth. Glad to see you got such a sweet gig after Toyfare!
  4. There's a jetpack involved? This changes everything. I haven't read a current Marvel comic in ages, and yet I somehow need this in my life. The intital image does not adquetely show the jetpack off enough.
  5. I read a pretty cool theory a while back. With Scott Lang involved, Pym is most likely going to be established as having invented all sorts of cool stuff, there has even been some speculation Pym's going to be older than most of the Avengers, and we'll see his Antman days in flashback. Anywho, someone suggested the idea that Stark finds the schematics for Ultron, made by Pym, and then builds it himself. That'd be a pretty interesting take on him. But who knows, maybe Shield makes him or something. Either way, I hope J.A.R.V.I.S turns into The Vision. Paul Betttany has the build for it. Anyone else here feel that Quicksilver appearing in both DOFP and Avengers 2 could be problematic?
  6. Yes it's indeed Agito! I'm also familiar with Mandarake and glad to see you are as well. It's great for Figuarts, and has some amazing deals. I'd love to see one of those stores in person one day. The bike in question is the Guard Chaser. I've seen it show up before on Mandarake, and looking it up just now, I've found it on Amazon. I suppose it's not as rare as I thought. I think I'll hold off from getting it any time soon though, I just started collecting Minimates again, and maintaining that alongside Figuarts is a slippery slope. Nonetheless, this talk of Mandarake has reminded me of that awesome Mafex Spider-man figure I missed out on. He's going for ridiculous prices on the secondary market and it's a bit hard to not want to check Mandarake for him every second. And yeah, I'm really glad Bluefin's making everything so much easier, and that non red rangers are starting to get more standard releases. I've yet to really divulge too much into watching and collecting Power Rangers/Super Sentai and it's good to know things will be a little easier if I decide to. It's interesting how much more accessible a lot of Japanese shows and toylines are becoming. I imagine the obscurity of a lot Japanese toylines is what draws some people to them. With that changing, I wonder if some collectors will lose interest.
  7. I've been collecting S.H Figuarts on and off again since 2011. Sadly, I'm a bit out of the loop with the new releases, and when it comes to the shows, I'm nowhere as caught up as I'd like to be. I've taken something of a break ever since I finally got Momotaros DX, but there are still a few figures I'd like to track down, and I'd love to get Kamen Rider G3's bike, but I imagine it goes for very high prices as it was a web exclusive. Getting figures is a whole lot easier now that Blufin distributes via Amazon, luckily! I've also pre-oredered a few upcoming Monsterarts releases, and am thinking about getting into the Ultra Act line. There are way too many Tokusatsu shows and movies with awesome toylines. I had to clear off my shelf recently due to my new cat, but I do have a picture of all my boxes lined up on top of my bookcase.
  8. The site has pictures of Jill and Leon.
  9. After school today I headed over to Toy Tokyo's new location. They've moved recently, and have a lot more space, showing of lots of stuff I never saw that was presumably in storage. I was checking the rack with all the keychains, when I saw a strange package on the shelf. It showcased a Chris Redfield minifigure that seemed like a combination of a playmobil figure, a lego figure, a Kubrick and a Minimate. There was no price tag, and the package made it obvious it was preowned, so I presumed it was rare and expensive. The people that worked there had no idea what it was and said I could get it for $4.99! Score! Anyways, just looked it up, there made by Dragon models, and most of the Licenses aren't big in the USA besides Resident Evil. I'd like to get the other RE figures, but these are pretty old, and I only found Claire online. Anyone here know about these guys? Here's the link And toy Tokyo's site
  10. We all know that the Iron man films, Hulk, Thor and Captain America are leading up to the Avengers film, yet I've never seen any speculation about the spidey reboot being involved. Spider-man isn't an avenger, but having a mention of him or vice versa would connect the MU even more. Especially with the reboot happening now. I feel there's a good chance of this happening, am I too optimistic?
  11. Saw it friday, loved it. A great follow up to the first one. I also loved the scenery of the final battle. However I learned that I can not watch a film without hating most of the audience. In front of me: 2 girls, when I first get there they are talking about some boring crap, but about midway through the film they decide to eat some fancy cheese that smells horrible. They also start drinking wine. Why you would eat wine & cheese while watching iron man 2 baffles me to no end. After the credits they are confused by Thor's Hammer, until a nice young man tells them what it is, to which they respond with "Oh! Another villain!". I wanted to kill them after that. The people behind me: All of them knew each other and would constantly talk. It was incredibly annoying, this didn't interfere with the film that much, though.
  12. Since we can vote twice, we should just vote for our favorite combo and see what happens. For me it was Suspended Armored Captain WW2
  13. I got away with voting for multiple ones, so I voted for the 4 I wanted
  14. WAIT! If my eyes do not deceive me, suspended cap has something around his neck! Quite possibly his mask hanging onto the costume!
  15. Why wasn't this an option to vote for? There's nothing quit like Captain with Double D's
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