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  1. Hrm. I didn't think we weren't allowed to talk about it. Let me check. That was just me being paranoid. I thought it was probably okay to talk about them, but since I wasn't 100% sure, I didn't want to take any chances. However, since Zach just sent 'round a breakdown of what was in the booth, I'm guessing it's okay to spill the beans: Street Fighter X Tekken Series 1 - June (Ken/Steve, Sagat/King, Cammy/Nina, Poison/Lili) Series 1 (Toys R Us) - June (Ken/Steve, Sagat/King, Zangief/Marduk, Guile/Raven) Also, an update - it looks like half of our booth pics got uploaded big and half got uploaded small. We should have 'em all nice and giant-sized shortly.
  2. I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong, Zach!) that the Pirate Santa was said to be a potential exclusive that's being shopped around, rather than a definite release.
  3. The show is open, so have some DST photos! Loving what we saw there.
  4. I do believe that was them exactly. All I really remember about KITT is that it (he?) was black, and won't have electronics. And that there will also be a Super Pursuit Mode (which we've seen in the test shots, though I hadn't at the time). And that there won't be a convertible. I don't think the paint was high-gloss, but it was also almost certainly a prototype, so I imagine anything can change. Thanks for the kind words about the photos! I can't always avoid flash damage (Nimrod seems to have come out pretty badly in all of my close-ups), but I do try my best.
  5. That's...entirely possible, actually. I haven't opened my MWNN sets yet - I've been waiting to get my wife to watch the movie trilogy first. I'd just assumed they had full boots and that Knight's were new.
  6. I don't think I saw any particular extra items. The First Class figures on the blog are all of the ones that I can remember off the top of my head - and it's nice to have confirmation that the last guy was Shaw, because I wasn't 100% sure myself.
  7. They were revealed at the booth, but like the Munsters figures and the MvC3 and Knight Rider Minimates, no photos were allowed. (Speaking of which, if it hasn't been reported yet, Michael Knight has new-sculpt cowboy boot feet. Not full boots, but a pointy toe and raised heel footpiece.)
  8. Don't know if they'll add anything to the discussion, but my photos from the DST showroom are up here:
  9. Update gallery is up at The link on the main page is slightly off, so until we get it fixed, this is an exclusive preview for you folks.
  10. ...Oh, I see someone has. Oh well! In that case, I offer the somewhat less exciting info that yes, those legs really are planned to come with Stilt-Man. They'll be in segments inside the packaging.
  11. Okay! I popped by the DST booth today to try to get some answers for you guys. Took a few supplemental photos too (things like the connection system for the jet's wings), which should be added to our galleries sometime tonight or tomorrow. The Answers: * The random items at the end of the gallery were various toys from around the Diamond booth. I'd assume they're just various things carried by Diamond for shipping to comic stores. * MAX prices can be expected to be $7.99 for a figure 2-pack or figure and mech, and around $12.99-$14.99 for a figure and vehicle. * Father's Day figures to be sold as blister-carded 2-packs. The four dads on their own will be single-packed, booster-style. And some additional info: * The mech suits will be revised a bit with shorter arms and a roomier cockpit (currently, the pilot's arms have to be removed to fit). * The APC can open up to hold six figures at once. * The pirate ship has a captain's cabin with a chair. The one on display wasn't complete; its deck floor was missing. * Has anyone mentioned the present-but-not-photographable Halo 'mates yet?
  12. The kids are a tiny, tiny new scale. Honestly, I'd bet on maybe neck and shoulder articulation, with the rest just sculpted detail. Hips if we're very lucky. One note on the vehicles for the non-licensed sets -- they're designed to be semi-modular. That jet pack is actually formed from popping the wings and the center connector off the double-cockpit jet and pegging them together. It looked neat. Now sleep!
  13. Sorry for the quick pics - I haven't had a chance to de-bag him yet, and we're about to crash after getting up at 4:30 for this morning's LEGO event. No real clue about the Father's Day sets from the pics (my fault for not asking more questions, but DST had an insanely huge amount of stuff to take photos of, and I was busy trying to keep the camera from overheating) looks like they'll be special two-packs of some sort featuring a father and child taking part in an activity together. Hard to say exactly what articulation the kid 'mates will have when they're produced, since these ones were extremely prototypey.
  14. Probably nothing new here, but we've got pics too! (Toy Fair giveaway was the Battle Beasts crocodile. This may have already been reported, in which case I apologize.)
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