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Cheaper Alternatives to LEGO Minifigs


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Hello one and all;

About 2 weeks ago, while looking for Minimates at our Orlando ToysRUs (TRU), I accidentally found some nice LEGO-compatible characters, often called Mini Men, based on the same design as the Character Building Dr, Who Series from a Canadian company called JDNA, which sells them throughout the USA, Canada, and possibly the UK. They are sold through more than a dozen chains, including Wal-Mart, Target, and Walgreens. I have only seen them at TRU, and bought all they had left. These figures include Astronauts, Ninjas, Soldiers, (One looks like Sylvester Stallone) Construction Workers, Knights, Race Drivers, and even ZOMBIES. The nicest part is that they only cost $1,99 each. They look more human than the typically block-like LEGO minifigs. The company has 12 figures in Series 1, but they also offer a 20-figure set that has 8 figures NOT in Series 1, for a price of around $40,00

I just wanted to alert LEGO/MEGA BLOX collectors about cheaper ways to add fun figures to their collections, as the current LEGO Series 6 and 7 Minifigs typically run about $2.99 to $3.49 each, sometimes for $4.99 each.

I have bought BEST LOCK figures with a vehicle for $2.00 each at Michaels, and 3 figures with vehicle for $5.00 at TRU. TRU and Walgreens also carries the larger kits, with more figures/vehicles/buildings sets for prices from $7 to $30, and I have seen them offered in "buy 2, get a 3rd FREE" promotions at Walgreens.

If you find cheaper LEGO-compatible items, please share your information by adding to this topic.

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I believe the Mini Men are made by Character Building, apparently JDNA is just a distributor of Character Building toys outside the UK:

I've seen them at Target in their collectible card aisle by the registers.

I've thought about grabbing some but really the only ones I'd want are the Zombies and I think I heard those were the ultra rare ones

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The LEGO Figures cost $3.49 at TRU, but instead of paying $1.50 extra, you can pay just $1.00 extra by going to Walgreens, where they sell for $2.99.

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I found these Character Building micro-figures at my local Target store yestereday.

There were only about 10 or so packets in the box so I picked up four of them.

Series 1 of these Character Building Micro-figures has 12 figures in it.

There are common, uncommon and rare figures in the series.

The Common figures are Astronaut in white, Racecar Driver, Special Ops Commando, Ninja in black, Knight with red breast plate & shield.

The Uncommon figures are the Army Soldier (Caucasian) and the Zombie.

The Rare figures are the Knight with black breast plate & shield, the Ninja in red, Astronaut in orange, Construction Worker and Army Soldier (African-American).

So of the four packets I purchased, I got one Ninja in black and three Construction Workers.

I guess the Construction worker is so rare that they are all still in the box?

Just thought I would share. I wish my Target had the Doctor Who micro-figure packets as that would be more fun to collect.

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