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  1. Does cage come with 2 different shirts? The packaged pic still looks like the blue shirt
  2. Okay, do you know if this set or the daredevil set will be for sale at nycc? Thanks
  3. Does jessica have a new jacket, it looks different from the one in promo pics, also tray shot?
  4. So luke, misty and cottonmouth are definitely locks, but who's the fourth? I'm think shades, but I'd like turk barret, hes been in 3 series ( was he in jessica jones?) and the character keeps getting better even with his small appearance in luke cage
  5. So i assume no nycc exclusives this year, we only have a week left, unless dst's just taking their time, I think a bloody punisher and prison fisk 2 pack would be cool
  6. Yeah, between all the venoms I've got plenty of black arms and legs, whats the head under the mask look like?
  7. Sorry for what?, I'm saying I'm glad that the head for matt isn't just the head under the mask, because then can just use some random parts, which I don't mind, i was worried there would only be one matt head, and I'd have to buy two sets just for the head, I'd never ask for an entire second body, that'd be ridiculous
  8. Really like that the matt head is separate from the head under the mask, now i can just get some black arms and legs and have both looks without buying two sets, thats really generous of dst
  9. Yes! The dd accesories sound awesome, and by x ray, you mean the xray of punishers skull, right? This set just keeps getting better
  10. Perfection, any other cool accesories zach? I'd love the ducted tape gun and chain on daredevil, so glad we got stick, even more glad that the figure is 100% perfect, especially with the alternate head, and the face in daredevil is perfect, its also cool they went with elektras outfit for 99% of the season instead of her final battle one she didn't really do anything in, and its nice to complete the nelson and murdock team with karen, this is the exact lineup I've been hoping for for months, so I'm 100% happy with this set
  11. I would imagine the defenders set would just be the main 4
  12. Eh, i feel like with shows thay have this many characters but only 4 character slot, i feel like we don't have room for army builders, we probably don't need another daredevil but he has to be in the set, karen and elektra are essential, the only character who could potentially be swapped is stick, but I'd much rather have him over a hand ninja, and especially over another secondary villain who isn't nearly as memorable ( spoilers, but you probably know who I'm talking about)
  13. So rooftop daredevil, stick, karen and elektra, right? Please tell me thats right
  14. My sdcc set arrived today thanks to luke, and i really like the scarlet witch, I haven't picked up the second series of civil war, but the sw is definitely my favorite cw figure so far, the extra hands were a noticeably lacking on the first figure so they're great to see here, and the waist cape is a cool technique, but the front could use a little dark red paint, since it breaks up the design a bit. Vision however barely got a glance before going into the parts bin, a bit limited on space, so i don't have room for admittedly pointless repaints, but I needed his jacket for a custom so at least he gets some use there.
  15. That torso was what was underneath of some of the expendables characters vests
  16. @luke314pi when should the preorders for the sw set start shipping? Thanks
  17. Yeah, i guess, maybe tru exclusive? I mean they already took volstagg and sif once, and they almost took fandral and hogun anyway
  18. Can we just get the warriors and sif in a 4 pack? what time of the year does ragnarok come out? Maybe nycc exclusive
  19. To be fair predator lcs 3 and the ghostbusters stuff was revealed a couple days before sdcc
  20. I just noticed The squirrels have minimate heads
  21. I assume tiny spidey is for when the art style goes all chibi on the show, but if dst was gonna do that idk why they didnt just slap a pigs in space head on that body for spider ham, future wave maybe?
  22. i wish i had gotten the avengers widow when i had the chance, every one since has had a weird derp look on their face
  23. that falcon and antman set is amazing, especially with redwing, the bd set is cool, really liking that crossbones, and surprisingly like the mercenary, the ross and sharon are okay, but i'm really not liking that hairpiece on widow
  24. the legs, jacket, and arms are from the clerks jay, the torso is from negan, the waist cap is from the thug zombie, the head is the alt head from best of series 1 spidey, and the hair is from that MAX deep sea rescuers set
  25. Thanks, the body and head are from best of series 1 spidey and the arms are from series 24 spiderman. All the black details are just black acrylic paint
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