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  1. I didn’t mind the non transforming figures so much. There are plenty of transformer figures available that don’t transform. These are cooler than most (yes, I’m biased). I’m pretty excited about this series. I was meh about it when they were announced but the finished products look great! 

  2. 2 hours ago, MisterPL said:

    I wonder if the low preorders on Bruce Lee Minimates had any impact on DST's decision to pass on Marvel's first movie with an Asian lead. I sure hope not.

    That would be heartbreaking. I was thinking of the same this about the Eternals mates. The most diverse cast in Marvel history and they pass on ‘mates? I just keep shaking my head over this. Makes no sense. 

  3. 12 hours ago, youbastards said:

    They can only show a percentage of the Marvel figure in the package, hence the window style packaging, where most other Minimates lines were full bubbles.

    Ah, I didn't know that was a thing. I thought is was a marketing choice. What an odd rule?


  4. 6 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

    disclaimer It's not that I'm not looking forward to these it's just that I know little about GI Joe .

    That said I am intrigued by the packaging .

    Over the years (I believe) DST has been restricted by licensors in the way that Minimates are 'shown' in their still seems incredible to me that (for example) Marvel Minimates have yet to be 'shown' in a format as we are seeing with GI Joe. 

    The art on the Joe package may work well for 'us' Minimate fans but ....& I might be being obtuse......does it work well for first time buyers ?  Artwork (however good) does not beat seeing the toys in their yays (sic).

    On the other hand maybe the flap cover may well be the new answer to an old licensing restriction ? 

    Which restriction? 


    23 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

    A very nice vinimate of the best .

    Unfortunately...for me... it also personifies the actual moment when the shark jumped .

    the Vinimate shark or the DC Comics shark?

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