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  1. 3 hours ago, nandoninny said:

    This is cool. 
    i gave a minimate of ms marvel to a guy i met who loved the character.   That was years ago.  He was an extra on this week’s episode and he sent me that the director of the episode had posted this. What a coincidence.  Cool folks working on the show have the minimate   Now we need an official mcu version


    This is awesome!!!


    12 hours ago, Nervous Rex said:

    Same for me... Warduke! But I'd be also just as happy if it was the old cartoon. I've been wanting to make those for quite some time, I'd gladly let DST do the work for me!

    I was obsessed with the show as a kid and my head nearly exploded when Strongheart made an appearance. I had that figure when I was younger and carried it with me everywhere! But I am more than happy with figures from either line!

  3. 8 hours ago, DSTZach said:

    Sorry for the delay, but ultimately, depending on how you feel about the license you may not care about the delay. 

    The license will have a lot of fans, so while Vinimates are not popular here, they have traditionally done well at shows with the right license and the right price. John Wick, Iron Giant, Lost in Space, Forbidden Planet... all have done well for us. 

    In fact, the delay has been so long that we may actually reveal and solicit TWO new Minimates lines at SDCC. We've announced the second license, but not revealed the Minimates. They are 180 degrees from the mystery license. PLUS Marvel 83.

    In the meantime, we've been offering other licenses like GI Joe and Transformers. GI Joe Series 2 will go up for pre-order on Friday. 

    Oh, and I would not look for DST products at Walgreens anymore.  We do not sell them there. 

    And I have tried many facial treatments, but the dandruff persists.

    Wait, all this will be revealed on 7/1? That’s amazing! This is really the only line of any toy that I collect anymore. I’m glad there are still going strong (even if we never got Binary or Clea *hint hint*)



  4. 8 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:

    With another six pack made entirely of the Big Cameos. 

    I was thinking 2 rehashes of cameos, 2 alternate character cameos, one Strange, and one America Chavez


    (I forgot how to post spoiler tags or I'd list names)

  5. 11 hours ago, RedTiger95 said:

    So is the MCU license done, done? Or on definite hiatus? If we get no releases next year I'll start getting worried.

    I was gonna ask this but I am not sure I wanted to hear a definitive answer. 

  6. 2 hours ago, cylonchaney said:


    I don't pay for 3d models. I download free ones and make my own in some cases. I have not seen a SHARC paid or free. Quite a lot of work goes into creating these models and if one is selling printed copies it makes business sense to keep the model to themselves. If anyone knows a free one please share.

    There are models of many many vehicles but they are solid miniatures. (There is a mini sharc) If you have 3d modelling skills, you could hollow out the cockpit and make a canopy and seat, and upscale. I think that's how a lot of the 3.75 scale models that are out there now were created. I'm pretty sure the stinger above was created this way.

    As far as recommending a printer, it really depends on you. I tend to buy really cheap ones. It can be a hobby in itself to tune an upgrade a cheap machine to get quality prints and I enjoy it. Others might prefer to spend more and get a better out of box experience with less fiddling. Having said that, the industry has matured and even low end machines print pretty well compared to my first printer. I suggest getting one that has a large community around it. Even better if you have an experienced friend who has the same one. Not a recommendation, but the Ender 3 is very very popular and much copied. This means that there are ready made mods to solve many problems and lots of places to get advice on the net. Definitely a lower end machine though.

    Please also note there is a pinned thread in the Custom Creations and Artwork section where I've started to add links to models that work well with minimates. I'll add the Stinger and Vamp at some point.


    Thanks! I am aware of how hard 3D modeling can be and its a bit much for my old brain to learn right now. I appreciate those who with the technical and artistic finesse to turn these out. Especially when they are MM sized!

    I got burned (metaphorically) by some bad 3d printers when they were in their early stages and stayed away since the. I will definitely look into the Ender 3. I appreciate people with personal experience given the expense of some of these machines. 

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