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  1. confirmed here MAR073022 MARVEL MINIMATES PX CLASSIC SPIDER-MAN BX SET $19.99 oh and something called dc minimates wave 4??????
  2. since no new releases out at the moment and news already covered i've been working on some cool new customs (updated in the custom section) roll on next week when dc wave 4 shipping for review..... hopefully! but i am working on some new storys and a gallery!!!!!!! as normal not put names on any of my customs just to keep you on your toes
  3. well i'm sure they won't mind the plug and then upscaled in photoshop, i've been thinking of putting blurds about each custom but i like to keep people guessing
  4. Web site updated with x-3 pics and reviews and check out the updated customs including the new "infected" on page 2 of the customs and an updated Namor which is a quick custom!!! and looks waaay!! better then first i done
  6. Coming Soon – Rocky & Adrian Minimate Two-Pack! This pair of devoted soul-mates have been through their share of battles, both in and out of the ring! Rocky and Adrian are reunited in this Previews exclusive two-pack featuring Tank-Top Rocky and Pet Shop Adrian as they appeared during their touching first date! Sculpted and designed by Art Asylum, each 2” Minimate features classic movie outfits and accessories along with 14 points of articulation! Look for this exclusive in the June issue of Diamond Previews!
  7. i'm of to see it friday night with my girlfriend.................and her mum!!
  8. yeah there definately out, their not on the diamond web site as as far as there concerned they already came out as there listed here they don't bother putting it back on again for us Brits!!!!!
  9. its free comic book day this saturday they did a minimate a couple of years ago in 2005 for the one back then
  10. so doing my weekly check in with my lcs they informed me that series 14 the x-men 3 wave will finally be out at blooming last!!!!!!!!!!!!! so free comics this week and minimates (sadly not free) life does'nt get much better then this
  11. Me and some friends (mainly me) are putting together a new website its nowhere near finished yet as i only get a chance to work on it at weekends but any input would be welcome
  12. Limited Edition in plymouth's were i get all mine from i've even put some chaps on here his way for mail order
  13. 1 phone call from my LCS over here in the UK says that wave 3 is out this week along with the long awaited BSG wave 1. Whats it been 1 1/2 months since they came out in the USA anyway wonder woman shall be mine at last
  14. my comic shop in plymouth (not an FP) got these in and their £9.99 aswell but they seem to be made from a better, harder plastic then the marvel/dc figures of late and there amazing....................................
  15. So in the new diamond previews it states that the 24 one's r going to be 2 1/2 " so i guess i won't be getting any as they won't look right sat with the others (Marvel, DC etc...) Edited by Rad: Please don't use caps in topic titles. It looks dead nasty.
  16. My local just called me to say that they have on their shipping list for this week dc minimates wave 2 so i guess i know where i'm heading thrursday after work!!!! :biggrin:
  17. well i've just notice to add more "fuel to the fire" that this month has dc minimates wave 2 out on the 21st and once again on diamonds wedsite that marvel series 14 (x-men the last stand) and BSG wave 1 are out on the 28th, so lets see 1 case of each = me broke
  18. well 4 sets of minimates out on the same day
  19. got mine 30 minutes ago from my LCS £6.50 each but he let me have the set for £24!!!!!! the bad news is the case i took them from was 847 of 2000 so dc minimates r limited to a set No. like the BSG cylons were!!!!!
  20. my comic shop in plymouth r getting 2 cases in this thursday the store guy said they will be £6.50 each i can give anyone the details if you want
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