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  1. Thanks man! You are spot on with my plan, I have a completed Regan as well. I also wish they had a presidential line!
  2. Here's Franklin's ghost. Here's Franklin's ghost. Not pleased with the face at all, going to try to figure out how to make a decal for it. Here's the group.
  3. Got some good gone paint clean up. Did not work. Used a nail buffer and polisher, it took an hour but it is now completed!
  4. Hey yall, can someone hook me up with a Transparent Ben Franklin face?
  5. I need to get the factory paint off the body. What is the best way to go about it?
  6. Thanks! Next up is zombie Lincoln, and Ghost Ben. I'm really wanting to make Ben translucent blue, but I have no idea how to do his hair and coat.
  7. Here's a shot of Mike, Deadpool, and Preston.
  8. I put a lot of thought into it, but I've been out of painting and sculpting for about 10 years, so I thought it would be best to start small.
  9. Hey yall here is a WIP of Magic Mike or the Necromancer from Deadpool's Dead Presidents arc. Dreadlock Zombie's hair. Heavy shield agents head, torso, arms, hands. Michonne' skirt. Zangeif's crotch, legs, and boots. Green stuff for the beard and pouches.
  10. Not sure if any work has been done on this, but the issue has not yet been resolved.
  11. Wow! Those are hairy! I took a shot on that zangeif guy from Street fighter for 3 bucks on eBay.
  12. Does anyone know of a pair of bare legs? Preferably male, and bonus points if they're hairy.
  13. Probably as theres really only me, Luke or Shane that can look into it and that topic title probably lured people in. At first I thought it was because the boardside version of TT is really old, but oddly I can't replicate this issue on WP or Android versions of Tapatalk. I assume other boards work fine for you? Yes, other boards work perfectly. I have the Android version of Tapatalk pro. It would appear the quote function is acting wonky as well.
  14. If I go into a multiple thread, it just shows the same page over and over again. Like all 7 pages will show the first page when I view them.
  15. Did you ever check out the link I gave you in your introduction thread? Skirt - Michonne from TWD Beard - Volstagg from Thor 1 Top hat - look at the Peter Pan box sets I'm on mobile so it's a bit overwhelming.
  16. Not sure if this is the right place or not, so feel free to relocate if needed. I want to make the recurring characters in the newest Deadpool comics. For the first arc, I need a kilt or some sort of red skirt, for magic Mike, Ben Franklin's ghost, I would love to do in translucent blue, but I'm pretty sure it would be impossible. A host of zombie heads, and presidential attire. Would love to score a top hat as well.
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