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  2. looks ok so far is all that hair gonna fit in the mask ?
  3. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    no probs loved the gift still grinning about deadpool
  4. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    merry christmas just opened my gift and sadly i hav'nt a clue who its from but a huge thankyou to them they sent me 2 x red cross promo 1 x bad apple promo ultimate spider-woman battle damaged wolverine (origins) james rhodes in mk 2 armor (iron man 2) a disney/pixar UP bearbrick ( i dont normally collect these but this little guy is really cool ) but best of all DEADPOOL!!! with all his guns, swords etc been wanting him since he was released so once again thankyou santa whomever you are :biggrin:
  5. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    glad you like it adam yeah met "dr dale" he was really cool and very impressed that it was going so far was getting a little worried as the post is rubbish here (a bit of snow and the whole country shuts down ) merry crimbo :biggrin:
  6. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    wow that nate is awsome ! nothing here yet cant wait
  7. gledzee

    So what are you hoping Santa brings you?

    congratz boyd hope santa didnt bring her down the chimney
  8. gledzee

    Customs by lastmaximal

    fantastic work ,dark knight batman is stunning any plans for more customs from the batmovies scarecrow etc ?
  9. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    im actually feeling festive now just got the last part of my gift and will be posting it first thing monday
  10. gledzee

    You couldn't make this up......

    found her snowman there was no theft he just needed some "me" time
  11. gledzee

    New Avengers Animated Series

    whatched loads of these on youtube finally a series that does hawkeye justice ! better than the last avengers cartoon,we dont get disney xd will be getting this on dvd.
  12. gledzee

    Secret Santa 2010 is shutting down

    you know i was turning into the grinch (working for a mail order company at this time of year does that to you ) then i remember secret santa :biggrin: count me in
  13. gledzee

    world musical day

    hey folks could use some help just a bit of fun a friend and i are organisng world musical day on facebook the idea is to throughout the day sing at random moments for no particular reason ....just like in a muscial you dont need to sing a whole song or be able to sing well ,so please click below and join the nonsense!/ev...101399773261276
  14. gledzee

    The Haul Thread

    wow nice find BHM never saw these just think if some had pushed m&s a bit we could still have mates in the uk (that being said they probably got them in as a special for christmas as they not normally stock many toys)
  15. gledzee

    winkerbeans custom's

    good to have you back WB great pics and congratulations