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  1. Yes your right, no energy blasts for him. They look the same to me.
  2. Here's something for everybody! Love these guys.
  3. I drop the little guys of at my house. Try and do it late tonight.
  4. Look what I Found !!!!! trying to find the rest at my other TRU.
  5. just to let you guys know that battle beast went up for sale on !!!!!!!!!! hopefully wave 15 is coming soon.
  6. Here's the rest of them.
  7. The second one hit ebay tonight
  8. sir do you have a link??? Here you go
  9. NOVA Flame Human Torch & Annihilus TRU Series Wave 15 is for sale on ebay!!!!! THEY'VE HIT!!!
  10. I feel that this wave is going to be one of the best and hardest to get a hold of. My TRU always get them in way late.
  11. Hi I have been a collector for 4 or 5 years,my collection is mostly Marvel with some others. Now I'm working on Walking Dead and Battle Beasts too. I found the multiverse about a year ago and I finally signed up late last night. Hoping to become a regular and to get to know some of you. p.s. Hopful have some pictures of my collection soon.
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