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  1. In the TV industry delayed views means that people don't think it's important to watch your show live, that it can wait. For Fox, this means advertisers are less likely to run ad-time because it will just be skipped on DVR, that's actually bad for business and harms the network. The industry still lives and dies by ratings, that's why shows have so much turn-around. If a show isn't selling ad-time and it's live ratings are close to it's DVR ratings then you obviously have a show that people don't feel the need to tune into every week. Shows don't pay for themselves, especially on networks like Fox. Also 22 million people watching the first episode over a 30 day period isn't that impressive. That's from good hype, their numbers clearly show people were not on board and quickly stopped tuning in. Despite any of this their numbers clearly show almost HALF the premier audience gone. No matter how good your first episode numbers are, you can't just lose half your audience and claim it's going great.
  2. Gotham debuted with around 8 million viewers (live, not counting re-runs and delayed DVR views which still doesn't get close to 22 million) and has shrunk to around 5 million with ratings declining each week. Their rating/share, DVR numbers and overall viewers have steadily dropped since the series debut. EDIT: With 3 episodes remaining the ratings are expected to dip to around 4.5-4.7 (with an expected ratings burst anywhere from 5.0-6.0 for the season finale) which would effectively mean that Gotham lost around half of it's audience through it's first season. That's a clear failure.
  3. Those waves seemed like pretty big busts, retailers should be (rightfully) cautious with more of the same.
  4. Bruce is a kid. It's Fox though so I'm sure they'll put him in some kind of suit anyway as a kid so they can get ratings. Also I'm gonna probably be the only person to stick to my guns and say Gotham sucks and this news is very disappointing. Imagine the strength of a new line when it's basically good for making customs. DST could have gone after much better properties that could translate into Minimates.
  5. X-Files is in my top 3 wants of any property. It's a lot deeper of a property than some people might think. Tons of monsters and villains with plenty of looks for both main characters.
  6. Please not creepy ponies or another awful tv show.
  7. Uhh he acted and looked like a high school kid, his actual age has nothing to do with it, hth. Also as for them looking for someone "much younger" is random sites wish-listing and has nothing to do with news out of Sony or Marvel, again, hth. You'd like to see Peter as a high school student for a couple years? Like the last couple years already? I'd much rather we see a seasoned Spider-man than another origin. This franchise will not survive a third origins story. His actual age has a lot to do with it. Look at how fast the last Spidey started looking his age. Hi-def images and IMAX screens certainly don't help. And with a younger performer, you can get more mileage out of him in terms of the number of pictures. Garfield's only signed on for three, as I recall. And I wouldn't call The Hollywood Reporter a random, wish-listing site. (HTH) Personally, I don't want another Spider-Man movie at all. I'd much rather see a live-action TV series on a premium cable channel, one that ties in to what Netflix has going on. Give the character time to grow. Do a whole season of him struggling with high school and developing as a reluctant hero. Episodic TV over rebooted franchises every few years. You're still missing the point beyond belief. I don't want to see Peter Parker in high school anymore, that's so worn out. With a younger performer you go BACKWARDS sticking with the same problems and awkwardness we've had the last 15 years. Garfield's age was a problem because he was cast as a teenager, that's dumb. You can cast someone in their 20's or early 30's as long as that's the character they're portraying. See, I don't doubt it's going to be a younger actor cast, but Hollywood Reporter doesn't even cite an anonymous source. They can write whatever and hope it will stick. It's not always reliable news.
  8. Uhh he acted and looked like a high school kid, his actual age has nothing to do with it, hth. Also as for them looking for someone "much younger" is random sites wish-listing and has nothing to do with news out of Sony or Marvel, again, hth. You'd like to see Peter as a high school student for a couple years? Like the last couple years already? I'd much rather we see a seasoned Spider-man than another origin. This franchise will not survive a third origins story.
  9. Garfield was atrocious lmao. He was *decent* in the costume but came off like some urban hipster. In any case, it seems all reports indicate he's NOT coming back. This was obvious after the Sony emails though, there was a lot of tension and not a good working relationship. My hope is that they can cast someone more like the 90's animated character. Medium build, more confident, and most likely years into his career already. No more awkward hipster types with teen problems.
  10. I imagine the studio still going with Peter Parker, just played by Donald Glover or Jaden Smith.
  11. 10 minutes into RAW and we have awkward moments where promos turn into WWE Network advertising and we have a rare Katie Vick reference! Looks like my night has just cleared up for other things, namely, ANY OTHER THINGS.
  12. Personally, I'd hope that DST held off on at least Daredevil for an extra season or two. I don't think I'd be interested in a wave or box with civilians and a black costume DD. Maybe down the road we can get some familiar faces and maybe costumes in the show and then get some 'mates.
  13. MIsterPL- Wow In no particular order.. -It's not THAT they changed Storm's skin color, it's WHY they did. -It doesn't bother me that Tony isn't an alcoholic because that's one storyline out of one hundred. I won't even go into the terrible analogy of Hulk as that's race baiting and very weak of you. -I'm not basing any of this on fan sites or speculation as you'd hope. No I'm basing this off the trailer and the comments of the cast and director. -And you're damn right I'd like to see a good adaptation of an already good comic story. Who wouldn't? Not everyone has read EVERY comic, and these stories would be great on film. Sorry if you can't see that. -Yes this is Chronicle with FF slapped on. There seems to be little effort to hide that more than ever since the trailer debuted. Like I said, enjoy the movie and have fun but this damage control and your portrayal of the non-believes of this movie are weak.
  14. Maybe fans don't like that established characters with a 40+ year history are being changed because some hack director who made a found-footage movie that did well on DVD and Redbox, casted his close, personal friends instead of actors who might have been better suited for the roles. That's called compromise. And you know what? I get very sick of people insinuating that people that are against this are labelled "racist" by people like yourself which is ignorant as hell. You want to defend his casting? Cool, but by making blanket statements like calling FF fans racist invalidates most of what you say because it's very difficult to take anyone serious that believes that.
  15. Whoa whoa whoa so the people that aren't happy with the casting choice, are racist? And all real FF fans are racist? What kind of shit is this? The issue is that he was only cast because he's close friends with the director, he wouldn't have been considered otherwise. The cast was compromised to cater to the director and he chose his friends instead of better actors. It's frustrating that despite the director saying he's a FF fan that so much of the material is deviated and changed to fit his narrative and not the source material when clearly it can be done and done well.
  16. “Nothing is real. Everyone knows [Josh Trank and I are] good friends. It’s something that if it happened I would be ecstatic,” says Jordan, giving a big wink. “I’d love to be a part of it.” “That wink was off the record,” he then laughs.
  17. You're totally right, Reigns has "the look" and sadly that's all you need now. Having quite possible the louded fan pop ever is lost of McMahon and it baffles me. I hope they find SOMETHING for Bryan that leads into the title picture asap. Anyone catch Raw last night? I believe it was a replay of the Rumble? Just curious if the boos were piped out. I know the triple threat match had the entrances cut which I was bummed about because the crowd sang "John Cena sucks" in perfect rhythm to his song.
  18. It sounds like you have money riding on this or something. Here's my gripes, feel free to strike them down with that reddit humor. FF is an afterthought in this movie. It's Chronicle with Marvel trademarks. A property should not be regulated to fit with an existing idea that's already been done, by this exact director. It's more of the same which would be fine as Chronicle 2, not FF. The cast was compromised when the director casted his friends and not the best possible actors, which is fine if it was admitted that he did so instead of trying to say these are the best actors for the job. And yes it does borrow a lot from Nolan, this movie doesn't feel original, it feels like an experiment instead of a well thought out idea and execution. So the director reads one or two issues of Ultimates, tells the cast not to bother and we get a loose adaptation of FF. Say what you want and enjoy the movie but don't put your arguments as to why OTHERS don't like it in the words of a 13 year old, that's tacky. EDIT: Lmao come on
  19. Reigns is, for all intents and purposes, a Golberg clone. He can't be in the ring for more than 5 minutes or he's exposed as someone who can't wrestle. His big moves are tackle and punch, he cannot grapple or wrestle. Reigns has only had ONE ppv singles match thus far. His second will be Fast Lane and his third singles ppv match will be winning the title at Wrestlemania. They already set up Lesnar's "broken rib" and the spear angle, it's only going to get worse. Bryan is looking like he's getting bumped down to mid-card as lots of early plans have him battling Sheamus again at Mania. I honestly hope this company loses enough viewers and money to get a good scare because they sure need it.
  20. That's the thing, I'm pretty sure Lillian explained the rules as always and that is, the only way to lose is to be thrown over the top rope. Granted, Axel never made it to the ring but only 28 people were eliminated. Also I wanted to reiterate what hellpop said, when Bryan went out that crowd died and booed endlessly the rest of the show. I could barely hold interest after that. The Philly reaction to Bryan was as strong as ever, I got goosebumps hearing the crowd chant for him. EDIT: The phrase "#CancelWWENetwork" is also the number one trend on Twitter lmao
  21. Also I was wondering why there was a small "Curtis Axel" chant breaking out for a second, then I realized he never got eliminated officially. Obviously that doesn't matter at all, but I guess people noticed. EDIT: He was technically disqualified I guess. Still kinda strange.
  22. I love Philly. Triple threat match was possible MotY, and the Rumble was somehow worse than last year. Not even Rock can stop Reigns from getting booed out of the building. They're pushing him way too fast. His work isn't that great and his promos are absolutely cringe inducing.
  23. Has this picture been posted yet?
  24. Anyone army building Sentinels let me know if I can get an Iceman from you and possibly a Bobby Drake head & hair or the whole figure w/e.
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