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  1. woah the TRU wave is so good! love the aberham and rick <3
  2. hah I know, but i'm sure he speaks to them. i am far too lazy to actually ask dst myself. but come on anime mates need to happen.
  3. just thought why not. doing movies now. this would rock, dragon ball z, attack on titan, any would translate pretty nice.
  4. thanks guys! i totally forgot about the comic con pictures! hahah YES
  5. imagine the shoes said F$#K U on the bottom haha too cool
  6. but i cant complain about the blood track suit. i never though we'd even get these so i'm just freaking happy! hah but imagine that set. kiddo and her bike. <333 ah stop im getting out of hand.
  7. why would they not make a clean trak suit with helmet. its one of the most iconic suits in movies. at least in im my opinion *__*
  8. any release date on these zach? and (im sure) but any word on a non bloody kiddo? <3 #yolo
  9. we dont wana ask DST we wana ask you zach <3 #yolo
  10. NOLO. but YOLO!!!!!!! Live everyone LIVE once!!!!
  11. Can zach hint something already (; #yolo zach
  12. hell yes! i want one too. punisher is never clean and perfect. he should always be bandaged hhah
  13. i have those dollar store things as gun racks. are those new ones that are just flat metal? or you made them flat to look like that?
  14. Right I haven't felt any marvel minis in a while I've been getting mostly twd & other properties. But this set is a must .100% #yolo
  15. Right tenime why ain't people posting pics!!?!!?!! #yolo
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