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  1. so bill paxtons not hitting tru? dammnnnn ):
  2. riddler green suit, final suit joker , are my most wants. !!!!!! and damn what a nice finale episode. just finished it and i was digging it hard .....ollol
  3. what section of tru did you find them? my tru has all the minimates scattered throughout the store so its easy to miss them.
  4. ahhh i re watched ALIENS for the first time in years and holy moley i forgot how awesome it is. oh and we need a normal bishop ASAP ~
  5. i was lucky enough to find that set at the flea market for only $10, it was a little broken at places but still amazing find! good luck
  6. thanks zach! this was a fun one. been in full alien mode since covenant thanks buddy thanks, the background is from the old mcfarlane queen set!
  7. hey @DSTZach if the sets sell well are there any future plans for the line?
  8. "Don't shoot, it's starting to listen to me" -DAVID
  9. Zach I know you've been trying, your pics have improved greatly recently!
  10. please do! love your work & i am deff interested to see what you can do with alien!
  11. Alien fever. lol This figure is really sick, so many intricate details for such a small figure.
  12. looks pretty spot on for what its worth.
  13. the newest season is really good, i mean being a huge riddler fan i love it at least.
  14. con exclusives suck lol i love DST because most if not all of their exclusives are pretty easy to find,
  15. damn! that was my fear. oh well. thanks for the response!
  16. i doubt it.. but any chance of unmasked heads/looks for the human characters
  17. those look the like final scene space suits. i wish we normal versions of the characters cuz this wave will prob not get a second. ):
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