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  1. Hi and welcome to the 'verse, BRB! I'm sure Luke will confirm my thought that you don't have to live in the US to participate. This forum galdy has members from all over the world. I'm from Germany for example and we have a lot UK based members here but also people from Australia or the Philippines. The nice folks who come up with a contest are nice enough to spend the money for the shipping fees to get the prices delivered where ever you are. Of course you have to tell someone - in this case Luke who runs this contest - your address. How else should the package arrive at your place? If you're not comfortable with sharing your address with some stranger on the internet, you are absolutely right. You shouldn't. It's your decission, but I can assure you that this guy is absolutely trustworthy. Once again, welcome to the 'verse, glad another continental European found the way! Like Mini_Myte said, you need a place where you can upload your pic. If you have the URL of that pic, juct click on "insert image", the little icon with the tree up there in the edit bar) and you're done. Thanks for answering! I have ordered from Luke's toy store the SDCC Thor set. I was wondering if it was the same ordering technique.Thanks again for answering and good luck in the competition!! : )
  2. To participate you have to live in the us? I live In Greece for example. And if you win then how are the prizes going to be sent to you? I mean will you have to give your adress and stuff to someone?
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