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  1. Please NorthRaider. I know we like to joke around here, but you really shouldn't trivialize the deaths of all those driven to suicide following the recognition that they do not want to live in a world where such loathsome music can exist. Oh, you mean his "achy breaky heart" song. Sorry. Not so much his music as his daughter.
  2. Dissidia is probably one of the worst fighting games I've ever played. The only reason it's halfway decent is because of the voice work, character models, and the fact that I love Final Fantasy.
  3. I'm not sure about that one, either. My theory is that there was debate at AA/DST/wherever headquarters about what the Minimate face should look like, and the decision was made to go with these 2 different looks, and the PX version, which looks to be a combination of the two. By the way, Slimer from wave 2 seems pretty closely based on this shot: your probably right, but I thought they were going for the real ghostbusters look, slimer no Louis pics yet? Only because you didn't ask!
  4. The lightning is a faded/light purple, and it's pretty vibrant. But the translucence looks amazing, to say the least. And I guess I'm in the minority for Slimer's face. I love it. Gives him character.
  5. If it's not a problem, i'd like to see Energized Terror Dog and how translucent he is. Oh, and if Slimer has a Clear stand this time. No problem! And some extras. Terror Dog (Front/Side) Slimer/Clear Slimer stand comparisons And a little homage to one of the better games of the year. They only got half a case? You sure no one came in before you and picked the rest up. Yep. Manager himself said it's all they got.
  6. Got all five packs at my local TRU today. They only got six packs in, so I was really lucky. If anyone wants pics, lemme know.
  7. Dude, party foul. The people on this board are nothing but helpful, accommodating and generous. ... and under absolutely no obligation to be a shopping service for everyone else on the board. There are a lot of people here who move product around to other members - and do so at fair personal expense, including time & gas to shop, packaging and hitting the post office... and it's all done at cost, with no markups or scalping. Not to mention, that it's been difficult to find 1 full set, much less bunches of extras for everyone else. It's more than a little insulting to be called out by some uppity newbie, who has been here a whole 3 weeks and has his panties in a tight knot 'cause he's confused the board membership with Santa Claus. Yeah, because the only reply I got was "Check Amazon." which yielded absolutely nothing. So yeah, maybe you help in your little circle jerk, but as far as a community goes, you guys suck. Goodbye.
  8. Good luck finding them though. And nobody here has helped anyone get them yet either.
  9. Ok, I know I haven't been at this site very long, but I really need some help. Scalpers in my area keep getting these as soon as they come in, and I only have on TRU within a 100 mile radius. So I just need somebody to help me get the five packs. I almost went to eBay, but the mark-up is insane. I'll PayPal you the money, pay for shipping, PayPal fees, and of course a finder's fee. Please, any help you guys can give would be appreciated.
  10. New here, but I've been lurking for a while now. :biggrin: I'm very intrigued by some of the ideas here. My ideal packs would be as follows for the "Video Game All-Stars" line. 2-packs Mario/Bowser (Super Mario Bros.) Solid Snake/Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) Little Mac/Glass Joe (Punch-Out!!) [Note: Doesn't have to be Glass Joe, but he's always been the most fun to beat up. And of course a Mike Tyson minimate would have to be made.] Link/Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time, preferably. If not, Twilight Princess) But yeah, video game minimates are awesome. Street Fighter was one of my favorite series of minimates. And just because Prototype had such a cool main character... Still a work in progress, but I like where it's going.
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