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  1. In lieu of Strickland, I think we should have gotten Jennifer, if not a plain clothes George. An d I don't know why Doc looks so grim. My ungratefulness aside, I'm really pumped to see this line's resurrection! Is it too much to ask for an Einstein accessory?
  2. I think Two-Face meant a blast of slime akin to the proton streams.
  3. Hmmm, the control art suggests Dana should have had a new hair piece, since she really shouldn't have the possessed hair from the first figure. That plus lack of neat pack-ins is making this box set look less appealing.
  4. I hope the new box set comes with all the goodies from the control art. After that NO MORE! I'm pretty sure this covers every conceivable necessary GB figure except GB1 Janine who is sorely needed. I kind of agree with karamazov that she is more essential than a plain clothes Dana. Also, I'm a little bugged that Egon still has the flat hair, I'm pretty sure his hair had that exaggerated coif in both movies. EDIT: Uh oh, back of the box says only a PKE meter and lab coat for pack-ins. D'oh! EDIT AGAIN: Maybe Egon does come with the new hairpiece. I think my monitor was too dark to see properly. :o
  5. If I put on my marketing cap, here's how I might see it. 24 had a largely civilian-based line; designs did not excite nor could there have been a huge demand for 24 figures. Indeed, much of the other 24 figures have featured mostly Jack (some Palmer). LOST has proven a larger and more devoted following with a far larger cast that could be "marketable" Since you mentioned Ghostbusters, it was mentioned in the LotR/Ghostbusters thread that the success of the GB line had to do with the devoted fanbase and the lack of GB market saturation. LotR fans would probably go for the Toybiz figures which were easily available, well made, and had a large depth of characters. The only other option for GB fans were the overpriced Mattel figures which had poor variety and lack of core characters (by that I mean non-slimed Peter and Egon). For LOST fans, the only alternatives for figure collecting have been McFarlane (expensive and static) and Bif Bang Pow (expensive and ugly).
  6. The finale made me cry manly tears. DST should placate me with some LOST 'mates. Though, now that I think of it, I wonder if the 24 line (I believe the last 'civilian' mate driven line) performed poorly due to fewer fan favorite characters and less because of any visual appeal. I'd think most people would want a Jack Bauer (24 doesn't have the same rabid following as LOST) and after that, little else. With LOST, many of the main characters have large followings (Locke, Hurley, Sawyer, Ben, Sayid, Desmond, Eko, Daniel, Richard) who could be pared with many of the show's less-than-loved characters (Shannon, Michael, Ana-Lucia, Ilana, Paulo and Nikki) to maximize a larger amount of figures. Think about it, DST!
  7. Agreed about the BBP figures. Yeccchhh. Speaking of the Kubricks, are there any plans to do more? I haven't seen any new ones besides the initial 9.
  8. Welp, looks like it's up to me to buy all the shuttles. Collecting Kubricks was never this hard......
  9. Upon consideration, if the labcoat Ghostbusters and Non-Possessed Dana are one boxed set, I think that would be good enough for me. The other "casual" Ghostbusters just seem too vanilla.
  10. Did I miss that somewhere? Oh no, just thinking out loud. This is probably not the right time to add things to my wishlist though. I'm looking at those Universal Monsters pictures again and feeling some kind of plastic high. Dracula is a tad duller than the rest, but that could easily be rectified if he had an alternate expression baring his fangs.
  11. Crud, now they have to have a John Conner/T-800 Father's Day set!
  12. Hell, I'll buy the civilian Ghostbusters, but those are bland choices. (my token gripe) BUT, everything else looks *spectacular*. Could the Galileo mean that DST is testing the waters for more Star Trek 'mates? 'Cause I really hope that answer's 'yes'.
  13. Would you consider Phantom a Universal Monster?? I mean, i'm VERY prone to theater, and i consider anything PotO to be romance...and musical, i guess. Monster, i see not. [/Yoda] The Lon Chaney version would fall under the Universal Monsters licence.
  14. Stupid picture, be more bigger! But this is awesome news, hopefully they take full advantage of all Universal Monsters properties.
  15. Ha! I suppose I'll wait until pictures come up (tomorrow?) before I make any judgments.
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