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  1. thanks bro punisher and mamba! latest update! Cameron Hodge hope y'all like him! some action shots! in scale with 3.75" MU deadpool(custom) TFL!
  2. Deadpool's Deathpod! w/ missle firing action! TFL!
  3. some of my recent work marvel icon udon taskmaster and 13" king laufey wip thanks! man i miss this forum!
  4. thanks bros! well i actually have no idea who he was , i just came across it @ comicvine and then i had a good fodder for it so i made him... went beyond what i expected. thanks again
  5. Richard Franklin's Conserve and Protect (C.A.P.) Size Comparison TFL!
  6. thanks you so much sir! my absence is due to THIS M@T#3% F^)K1# $#!T! i'm the husband of the only daughter of the victims anyway here are some updates... A-Bomb! Iron Man MArk V TFL!
  7. just wanna share .... i saw like 5 of each @ tru peabody as of 4:30pm today and a lot of those fireman, swat minimates... i think MAX? (not so sure about the name of the line) hope this helps for those who dont have them yet
  8. finally finished them.... Deadpool and cable: 12" Kree Sentry TFL!
  9. I haven't checked this thread for a while, but... Damn you are getting better man! Kudos! More pls!
  10. saw 1 full set @ TRU peabody as of 4pm today.
  11. mabuhay bro! welcome to the mmv world!
  12. nothing near me too.. i'm in boston
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