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  1. I know its abit random, and I apologise for this, but I was an extra on World War Z when it filmed in Falmouth!
  2. HAHA!!! Using my amazing sherlock holmes cap, I have managed to expertly deduce that it was most likely Mattalica!! So thank you like billions and billions, I havnt even been able to get these loose and I got both sets boxed! You are a leg-end my friend. (please god be matt. otherwise i may look a tad retarded!)
  3. well shit sticks. Im certain it said utah! Someone messing around?!!
  4. I cannot fathom it. Generous and from utah are what im going on at the moment!
  5. Nooooo> i meant like the situation was an arse. i got sooooo excited i wee'd a little bit.
  6. What an arse! I got really excited! And they have got them already, pretty much, the myclones are awsome!
  7. Firstly, totally disagree. Ricky Gervais is funnier than god. Secondly, I tend to find the American version a lot more slapstick, and everybody is a good person deep down, where as the uk characters are spine-tingly awkward. I mean gareths a total creep and will not change. I also find in the uk version, the characters are more self-depreciating. Obviously not consciously. I live in swindon, I went to school with alot of people who went to work at these middle-managed office type places such as nationwide. As a result I can genuinely confirm these people exsist. Have you watched the whole UK series Minimadman? Also a HUGE thanks to my secret santa, i wouldnt dare dreamed of a full 5-figure mib Zombie set AND mib Zombie daredevil and Giant man. I shall have to stalk Ohio untill I can get to the bottom of this.
  8. Well, iv sent one part, and a teaser for the second..... MUHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!
  9. Sent half of my secret santa, i'll send the other half if the recipient can deduce its me!
  10. I am, amazingly original, tommyfarr. Im smaching the undead nightmare, reach, l4d and black ops.... specifically zombies!!
  11. Walking dead is epic! Its almost giving you a what if scenario of what could have happened. And im hoping after the end if ep 3, rick wont lose his hand if you catch my drift. Oh. Lori's a skank. Never liked the ho!
  12. There was a lot of build up over here about goal celebrations this time round with teams even bringing in goal celebration choreographers (how on earth do you decide to be one?!). So maybe thats a ritual?! You will notice alot of awkward dancing after goals. Also, England are going to win......... You may wanna put that in there. Honestly, i really think everyone over here believes it too. And why not with such a scorching start!!! Two draws, yeah baby, yeah. Just lulling everyone into a false sense of security, then we'll pounce......
  13. I always use 'really useful storage' boxes, the 9l one (9.0 litre XL Really Useful Box (7" small) 395 x 255 x 205 335 x 210 x 180 1,000) @ Holds 4 trays with 15 compartments. Each big enough for 2 minimates, Iv even got super hero hulkbusters in there and my death archangel fits in with my champions angel dead easy in one slot. Plus there real robust.
  14. Fear not, i have researched, and im almost certain its the massive strap on gun thing!
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