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  1. Just picked up regular KITT at my local TRU in Phoenix. Great quality, but damn these tiny little stickers that have to be applied to a tiny black hard-to-see dashboard with tweezers becauseyourfingerswon'tfitandthenthestickerssliderightofftheglossypaintifyoulookatthemwrongandIlostonebecauseitfellinbetweentheseatssomewhereOHMYGODRAGEAAAARRRGHHH!!! So excited!
  2. We still need a time train. There's never been a toy or model of it ever before, and it's something a lot of fans have wanted since Part III came out. Whether it's in Minimate form or not, I'd love it if Diamond released one while they still have the license. Also, we still need Griff, Clara, "Clint Eastwood" Marty, and 2015 George McFly.
  3. Hasbro just announced a Kre-O line based on JJ Abrams' upcoming Star Trek sequel: Their license includes minifigures "based on classic characters." Is this bad news for any hopes of future Trek Minimates?
  4. So, any word on when we'll be seeing the regular version of KITT at Toys R Us? Last I heard, it was slated for a November '11 release.
  5. Keep in mind that Sisko wore a Lieutenant's uniform in that episode. You should probably use a Sulu body or arms for him.
  6. They could always do "Clint Eastwood" Marty.
  7. My local specialty shop says the RGB 4-pack should arrive next week!
  8. Bumping for update. See original post for new pic!
  9. So. . . .â„‘=delorean2.jpg Jennifer Parker! I just wish her vest was a seperate piece, to give her that '80s "puffy" look she had going on.
  10. No pics yet, it seems. But this banner was displayed at Toy Fair; If it's part of the MAX line, we can expect a super-deformed KITT and/or KARR along with a Hasselhoff 'mate or two. I was a big fan of the show when I was eight, so this will be good for the nostalgia factor, but REALLY? There's a demand for this?
  11. It comes with two pairs of legs, but it's assembled in-package incorrectly. Swap the front legs with each other so they bend backwards instead of forwards, then switch the feet and you'll be all set.
  12. If you look close, it appears Egon's holding a different proton wand than Ray (notice the silver tip and the brown paint behind it). Hard to notice since he's pointing it at the camera, but it just might be a different sculpt.
  13. I can also confirm the AMT bridge works great. Mine ended up like this:
  14. No such thing. They're usually pretty smooth when they're fresh. No ruffles 'til they get older.
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