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  1. DST posted a shipping update - looks like 8/25-ish
  2. I just got a notice from that the Tarot mates have been cancelled
  3. Things From Another World has the PX Exclusive fliers on sale for $8.99 for those who missed the exclusive figures or BD versions of the ships. These guys are pretty good to order from, ship fast for reasonable prices.
  4. A few days ago, my TRU got a restock that had this 2-pack.
  5. Depending on when you priced the sets, TRU had an additional 25% off clearance that expired last week. If I recall, the $3.53 pricepoint was the clearance + discount price. The $4.98 is the current discount price Thanks, you saved me an extra trip (the one where I got them for $3.53 is the furthest away. Any chance that the extra discount is coming back? $4.98 is good, but not as good as $3.53. Anyone know if any T2 mates are even left at TRU in NJ? Anywhere? I'd be surprised if that came back very soon - it ran for quite a while by TRU standards (longer than 2 weeks). The minifliers are on the website for the clearance + discount price, but I don't see the BSG mates themselves.
  6. Depending on when you priced the sets, TRU had an additional 25% off clearance that expired last week. If I recall, the $3.53 pricepoint was the clearance + discount price. The $4.98 is the current discount price
  7. My "We're Ready to Believe You" set arrived today - nothing exciting, but it's a cool theme. Glad I got these.
  8. I thought, at one time, that it was said in one of the Q&A's (about the time that wave TRU4 was revealed and questions about another Janine, Nanny Janosz and other wish list chacters were being thrown around)) that we'd seen about everything for GB for the year - which is disappointing considering I still want to see the Ecto-1 (but the answer to that is always that they have no rights to vehicles in the license). Perhaps if the DeLorean and the T2-tank-thing do well, it will be more persuasive for a GB vehicle
  9. Thanks for passing that on - got my pre-order in while they were still in stock
  10. Looking at the backs, there's no suggestion that they are pull back vehicles (like a clever icon or diagram) - I think DST was just trying to cleverly indicate that Minimates were getting some wheels.
  11. Went to TRU today and found the fliers all down to 50% off ($7.48/ea), which matches the online pricing
  12. My TRU has been pretty wiped out of the BSG packs for a couple of months - but they can't seem to get rid of the last couple Simon/Ellen or Tigh/Six packs. I was debating about getting another Viper, but since the sale they only have the Cylon fliers left. There's plenty of GB 3 though.
  13. They haven't made it to Northern California yet
  14. Did they show any new Battle Beasts pictures other than the Gators we know of? Sorry... no new pics. It was really just part of the readers write-in and ask questions part of the magazine.
  15. Try these - Series 2 between list price and $20 Good luck on series 1
  16. There's a brief note in the Fan Fare section of this month's Toyfare magazine that talks about Battlebeast Minimates (pg7). They have a quote from DST Chuck that pretty much says that besides handing out promos at shows, they don't have any announcements, nothing is coming out in 2010 and to look to 2011 as a more likely release of products.
  17. As it works out, I work a few blocks from Union Square and have spent many many many lunch hours walking around looking for 'mates, and I will tell you one thing... if there is a great minimate center of the universe, the San Francisco Bay Area is the farthest point from it. I had a bit too much time, so I'll give you the run down with a rating based on a total of 5 Thumbs Up. As JP said, Things From Another World used to be a good place for comics, minimates and other entertainment-themed merchandise (before their untimely demise a couple of years ago). I scored a lot of my Star Trek, BSG, BTTF and 24 collection there, as well as plenty of Marvel and DC mates. Sadly, they are no more, unless you want to order from their retail mothership ( in Washington State - which I recommend as they often have some great sales. Definitely 4 Thumbs up, when they were open. Jeffrey's toys on Market (about 5 blocks from Union Square), is a fun comics and toy store - but don't look for any mates... they sometimes have a partial case of something that someone preordered (right now its the picked through remains of Wolverine Origins), but don't stock 'mates with any regularity - though you might find some Kubricks there as well as Marvel Select and DC action figures - beware of the prices though - expect to pay a 50% premium on most. 2 Thumbs Up for price gouging and lousy minimate selection Urban Outfitters at Powell and Market is a good source of Urban Vinyl-type figures like Simpsons, Futurama, Domo and Lost Kubricks. I picked up Desperately Seeking Susan and Chef Duff mates there over a year ago - since then, they have spiralled into the non-minimate blackhole. They're packed to the teeth on the Staypuft banks and DST's BTTF 1 electronic DeLorean. 1 Thumb up for at least contributing to DST's solvency. Action Figure Freddy - Even though he's still in the phone book, don't bother - another unfortunate victim of the poor economy (along with lousy location, high prices and a selection that heavily favored old Power of the Force SW figures and Toybiz LOTR - none of which was helped by the elitist, know-it-all manager). Only saw 2 packs of DC mates there once. No great loss. 0 Thumbs Up + Big middle finger Borders @ Westfield Mall & Union Square - both nice-sized stores. IM2 mates all wiped out. Plenty of unsold Twilight/New Moon merch at 75% off, if Volvo-driving, sparkly emo vampires are your thing. 2 Thumbs up when IM2 exclusive mates were in stock Ambassador Toys at Embarcadero Center - No cool toys or collectibles. Some Playmobil and Lego - otherwise, don't bother unless your looking for stuffed animals or Thomas the Tank Engine. This place is for the kiddies. 0 Thumbs up In the area, one of the best places I've found is Flying Colors Comics in Concord - It's about 35 miles east, but stocks most Marvel and Comics based mates as well as a nice Comics selection and lots of other merch. Only 3 thumbs up because they won't order non-superhero licenses for stock (preorder only). If you get near Sacramento - A-1 Comics is a minimate mecca - lots of old waves and HTF variant packs. Expect a 90 minute drive. Better yet - stock not limited to superheroes only merchandise - the place is huge - 5 thumbs up. Instead of engaging in a pointless search for non-existant 'mates in the city, enjoy the sights and fine dining.
  18. I like the fact that we're getting the Marshmallow hairpiece for Venkman... especially with so many duplicates floating around. I thought one of the DST guys mentioned that we might see something like that in one of the Q&A's. I'm all in for the AFX exclusive set - I don't care of they're duplicates or the color is a little off... I like the slime blowers as well as the fact that we get a complete series 2 all in one set. As long as the momentum keeps going, there is a chance that we'll continue to see more obscure characters (like GB1 Janine) as well... and if not... they did get a lot of the bases covered
  19. I just got an email this afternoon from BBTS that the Stark Expo minimates were in stock and will be shipping soon
  20. I asked the question about the BTTF figures on the Art Asylum Q & A - hopefully we'll get some clarity when the next answers post
  21. I think this is obviously similar to the Kirk, Wolverine & Spiderman phenomena in so many other wave - Slimer and Venkman as well as Egon are anchor characters for this license and we'll probably continue to see them appear in various forms as future waves continue.
  22. All these cryptic backorder and delay messages are all part of the TRU shopping experience - I've ordered several waves of BSG & GB mates,as well as miniflyers and I've come to expect these braindamage emails on TRU pre-orders. I even got a cancellation email for my Ellen & Simon BSG set, and it still shipped along with all of the others. To make a long story short - don't read too much into those emails this early in the game.
  23. The 4-Pack, Battle Tactics Boxset also available at for $13.60 - at least a couple of bucks less than BBTS or AFX. Best yet, they usually ship within a day and often ship via USPS Priority mail which saves a couple more bucks and usually arrives faster than FedEx or UPS Ground. These guys have been nothing but good to me and I'd recommend them
  24. I miss the Ship Updates at the AA blogs - At least there was some idea of what was going on... even if it wasn't always reliable, at least it was somewhat close
  25. These seem to have hit several of the Borders in Northern Cal. and the TRU waves landed here late this week. Borders has been pretty good about finding these in stock and holding them - sadly they are doing much better than TRU, a dedicated "toy store". I was a little let down by the first Borders that was going to call me when they got them and then nada... important lesson about putting too many eggs in one basket
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